Should religion restrict blood transfusions for their believers Essay


Over the centuries, there have been constant controversy regarding the prohibitions outlined simply by religious denominations specifically Jehovah Witness that have held their very own grounds with regards to refusing the application of blood in the treatment of Witnesses thus triggering so much pandemonium in medical circles; a lot of doctors cry out that this request, ties their hands when it comes to offering healthcare services to Witnesses.

The most attainable means by doctors have boycotted this contact is through writing controversial articles possibly supporting or disputing the utilization of blood related treatments to get Witness sufferers. This paper seeks to shade mild on this subject by taking into consideration three content articles that cartel divergent thoughts about what ought to be adopted by simply medical practitioners throughout the world while at the same time making sure ethical problems are not ignored in the process. The combination of these types of article will show what differing people think about whether or not the Jehovah Observe has any kind of authority above deciding what medical procedures needs to be adopted by their irrespective of what is at stake in a few situations.

Similarly we have Osamu Muramoto’s article, Bioethics from the refusal of blood by Jehovah’s Witnesses: part 1 ) Should bioethical deliberation consider dissidents’ views? that appears in the Journal of Medical Ethics in 1998 and Dan Bloom’s article, Husband tells of discomfort over death of Jehovah’s Witness better half who refused blood transfusion after C-section, that appears in the MailOnline web page earlier this month. Both this kind of two articles share precisely the same concerns about the acceptance of blood related treatments by Jehovah Witnesses. On the other hand the Jehovah Experience website has a arsenal, Jehovah’s witnesses the surgical/ethical concern, ready to defend themselves that was adapted from The Journal from the American Medical Association printed in 81.

The above layed out articles have utilized the application of personal stories, comparison and contrast approaches coupled with excerpts from the Holy book to come up with detailed pieces regarding the aforementioned subject that tries to attend towards the concerns of their audience; equally medical practitioners and Jehovah Witnesses. Osamu Muramoto’s ethos will be based upon his accomplishments in the medical field, with this in mind persons will very easily feed in to his thoughts concerning anything medical. His credibility is further boosted by the reality he has various understanding under his belt namely; he is a medical doctor, contains a PhD and a neurologist at the Northwest Permanente PERSONAL COMPUTER in Portland Oregon.

The credibility of his worries is additional bolstered by fact that he’s a member from the Ethics Panel at Chef Permanente Northwest Division. Bearing in mind these, this individual does not need to set up who he really is and what theme he is producing a reference to for he assumes the ideology that his target audience will pay awareness of his worries wholeheartedly and similarly impact them respectively. Dan Blossom is a contributor of the MailOnline health section, his articles have had impact on on numerous people across the globe, a look the comment area of this article particularly speaks volumes regarding matters linked to religion plus the practice of drugs.

Similarly, the Jehovah Observe has a throughout the world following of believers who also adhere to their particular doctrines for the latter, also to their edge, we have a lot of Witnesses medical practitioners who have been for the forefront driving for implementing of non-blood related practices thus whatsoever article appears on their website will probably be infused with equal way of measuring passion and vilification which the followers have for the religion. Bloom begins his article having a personal anecdote that accentuates on the terrible grief a husband can be undergoing following your death of his wife- a Jehovah Witness, who have passed on after turning down bloodstream transfusion to become utilized in her treatment plan.

The anecdote presented since the introduction of the much contested refusal of blood treatment techniques for Witnesses patients around major private hospitals in the world within the premise they are upholding the doctrine of their religions. After capturing the audience’s around the topic, Blossom reflects on the legalities little this issue simply by considering the involvement of Homerton chiefs considering the tragic events that led to the death of Mrs. Keh the Jehovah Witness Patient in such a case.

The husband was wrecked by the fact that all the time he have got to visit the clinic his partner was in zero capacity to always be discharged on the grounds she was not steady yet mainly because she acquired rejected the use of blood transfusion to her inside the recovery method. Her decision was depending on the doctrine of religion which in turn does not allow blood transfusions for they consider blood being representational of life which will God is a only provider.

Over the years and across the globe, the courts had to intervene into such circumstances to help preserve lives inspite of continous repercussion from the Jehovah Witness together with the backing with their medical specialists who firmly suggest that, No one can claim for certain that a patient is going to die because of refusing blood or will live due to accepting that CITATION Blo14 l 1033 (Bloom). On the contrary, the Jehovah Experience website highly differs around the use of blood related treatment practices for his or her followers because, there exists authorities in the Bible that teach us to not ingest blood vessels for it can be against God’s will. Doctors therefore contemplate it a daunting job to treat Jehovah Witnesses.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses the Surgical/Ethical Challenge can be keen on pointing out specific compared to of the Bible from the beginning worldwide to catalogs of the New Testament. Their particular push has resulted in treatment situations of Witnesses being maintained without blood transfusion techniques which was only adopted after meetings between representatives of Jehovah Witnesses and medical and surgical workers who found understanding to avoid case high are medical/legal confrontation which have been tied back again the Jehovah Witnesses doctrine and beliefs. Witnesses assume that several Biblical passages like Genesis, Leviticus and Works forbid blood transfusion.

To quote Genesis 9: three to four, Only drag with its soulits bloodyou should not eat CITATION ORG14 p 23: 12 l 1033 (Org 3: 12). It is following this verses that Witnesses reject the government of blood transfusion nevertheless has specific exceptions intended for blood elements like albumin and globulins which can be intended for treatment of their particular followers. It has gotten to the extent that Witnesses need to sign the American Medical Association type that absolves medical practitioners by any legal responsibility in case of decrease of life during medical procedures for they were limited not to work with blood related treatment procedures.

Osamu Muramoto has an interesting piece that suggests although the blood transfusion doctrine getting mileage between the medical community, there seems to become some desired of revolt from ex – Jehovah See members who are not satisfied with its use for medical practice which will posters for the front a moral concern for medical practitioners who are unable to voice their concerns. This individual argues the fact that blood cortege has flaws that make the stand upon treatment by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society (WTS) must be dropped because of it generally is made up of hypocritical propagations that have been misunderstood from that they appear in the Bible QUOTATION Mur98 p 224 d 1033 (Muramoto 224).

He argues that the tongues of Witnesses will be tied with regards to raising their particular thoughts on the use non-blood related treatment plans on the grounds that their religious beliefs does not permit them criticize it is doctrines as it is equal to questioning God’s authority. Further more adding that in real sense, Witnesses do not have the freedom of talk or believed and anyone that goes against this tenet is exfoliated and obliterated while an outcast to the religious beliefs.

Muramoto differences the one of their doctrines since outlined in Acts 15: 29 keep abstaining coming from blood CITATION Mur98 s 227 m 1033 (Muramoto 227), by evaluating the same having a case in which a patient can be fed intravenously through the blood vessels and exactly where an individual will get blood transfusion. In this case, the meals fed intravenously is first blended into the digestive system as compared to the truth of blood vessels where the blood directly climbs into the flow system instead of being broken down first thus there exists zero evidence of ingestion of bloodstream. Most important is that the three articles or blog posts discussed previously mentioned suggest different stances regarding adoptions with the use of blood vessels transfusion upon Witnesses.

The Jehovah see is interested in upholding their very own stand in religion and running while using blood doctrine come what may during the furthermore Bloom and Muramoto advise exceptions in situations that could cause medical complications. A look at how both Muramoto and Bloom’s way of revealing their opinions can be considered since controversial thus will be taken as a backlash by Jehovah Witnesses but considering his target audience, how a two authors suggest the abolition in the blood cortege is a very effective way for their very own arguments depend on what is ethical under the practice of medicine that can even cause individuals engaged being charged or fined and other circumstances the loss of life of people.

On the other hand, the stand by Jehovah Witness is dictated by history and Biblical which is hard to underpass considering what is promised for many who against the laws of Our god. It as a result remains being a matter of set up blood doctrine is an ethically responsible practice whose adoption or perhaps rejection will depend on whether or not is a who trust. References Full bloom, Dan.

Husband tells of agony over loss of life of Jehovah’s Witness wife who declined blood transfusion after C-section. 15 November 2014. MailOnline.

18 November 2014<3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2828862/Husband-tells-agony-death-Jehovah-s-Witness-wife-refused-blood-transfusion-C-section.html>. Muramoto, Osamu. Bioethics with the refusal of blood by simply Jehovah’s Witnesses: part 1 ) Should bioethical deliberation consider dissidents’ sights? Record of Medical Ethics (1998): 223-230.


18 November 2014.

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