sexism in the color purple dissertation


In The Color Purple, Alice Walker creates of a predominantly sexist setting through the frequent beating of girls, the stereotypes cast upon people, and the thoughts and feelings in the Olinka people. The author creates about the normal and frequent beating of Celie simply by her dad as self-discipline and of Mr. _____ to present a sexist setting. To demonstrate the predominantly sexist environment, Alice Walker includes the stereotypes players upon people such as Celie’s wearing and making of pants and Mr.

_____’s sewing. The writer comes with the thoughts and feelings of the Olinka people through their certainly not educating females and their thought of a woman’s ideal function.

The thoughts and feelings of the Olinka people are represented through all their choice to never educate females when Nettie asks an Olinka how come she feels this and when Tashi’s father tells Nettie that there is no place for women to have important jobs. While in Africa, Nettie asks a great Olinka female why that they choose to not need their children educated, plus the woman responds, “only to her husband can [a woman] become something and the lady later goes on to say that the girl can become “the mother of his children;  these remarks signify Olinka girls are meant to be mothers and nothing else that they might enjoy (Walker 162).

When Nettie informs Tashi’s father of his daughter’s great intellect and the wonderful careers the lady could pursue, he right away responds “there is no place here for women to do those things;  this shows how the men in the Olinkas own it preset in their mind that ladies should not have similar career as being a man truly does; this, along with stereotypes, add to the sexist setting.

The stereotypes solid upon persons show the sexist setting launched found out that Mr. _____ sewed as a child with his mother and when Celie predicts what Albert will think in the event that she wears pants. Albert admits to Celie that he “use[d] to try to fasten along with [his] the female;  this goes up against the common stereotype that men do not affix (Walker 279). When Shug spontaneously decides that the girl should help to make a pair of slacks for Celie to wear; Celie states “Mr. _____ never going to let his wife put on pants without even asking him his opinion. Along with these stereotypes, the common conquering of women adds to the sexist placing (Walker 152).

The common defeating of Celie by her father in her junior and by Albert to rule her the two help help the sexist establishing on the book. While in church 1 day, Celie’s dad catches her eying a boy and when your woman goes house, Celie write in her letter to God that “[she] don’t even check out mens,  and then says the she will look at girls “cause [she’s] not frightened of them;  this displays the fear that she has of men via her damaging father (Walker 6). When ever Harpo has a conversation, Celie tells him “[if] an individual do what he declare, he beat you;  this demonstrates that Celie provides learned this lesson by not obeying a command in The Color Purple (Walker 66).

Through the common defeating of women, the stereotypes solid upon people, and the thinking of the Olinka people, Alice walker produces about a mainly sexist setting in The Color Purple. Walker writes regarding his to show how items really were in dark as well as white colored culture before. If Alice Walker would be to write about something more recent, she would write about sexism and elegance of other cultures or religions.


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