Health & Social Care Essay


Ai) What is designed by ‘duty of care’. Health and sociable care organisations have precisely what is called a responsibility of proper care towards the people they look after.

That means that they must do every thing they can to keep the people within their care protected from harm. It is not necessarily only the care establishment that should prioritise the safety, welfare and interests with the people using its services, although also the care employees of the establishment. My employer also has an obligation of maintain staff members, to ensure working circumstances are safe, and suitable to offer the assistance.

Aii) How the duty of care impacts the work of a social proper care worker. It means the duty of care you could have in your work is to stay safe and your service end user safe. Carry on to date on your training. Almost all ways clean your hands prior to attending something user before and after, and put on the protecting aprons and gloves that are supplied by your projects the duty is at exercising extreme caution and to refrain from causing somebody else injury or perhaps loss. In tort regulation, a duty of care is a legal responsibility imposed by using an individual demanding that they abide by a standard of “reasonable care” while executing any acts that could not far off harm others.

Aiii) What having a work of care means for a care offering organisation. When an employer adheres to the responsibility of proper care in a environment such as a non commercial care house it shields residents as well as the staff. The reason is , all unique codes of practice are completed and makes the house a more secure environment, electronic. g. machines are regularly checked, chemicals are stored properly & staff trained frequently Aiv) How a duty of care plays a part in safeguarding individuals.

In my function I have a responsibility of treatment to raise virtually any concerns I might have about any part of my operate. These can vary from inadequate doing work conditions, poor equipment, and poor practice by additional staff; to raising problems about potential abuse instances and situations of neglect. It is my duty of care to guard individuals from harm. Almost all employees should report virtually any concerns of abuse they may have. These may include data or some doubts of bad practice by colleagues and managers, or perhaps abuse by simply another person, another employee or an individual’s family or friends.

If I do not work in by doing this, I could be looked at negligent or perhaps incompetent. Easily am in just about any doubt anytime, I must talk about any issues I have with my supervisor / supervisor.

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