Sec1 literature poetic techniques applied essay

? TASK IN 5 STAGES:? 1 Pick a song with English words that use by least TWO literary techniques from the six elements we certainly have learnt, namely simile, metaphor, personification, vocally mimic eachother, alliteration or onomatopoeia. For example you may choose: 1 . “SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW BY ISRAEL KAMAKAWIWO’OLE 2 . “100 YEARS BY FIVE FOR STRUGGLING WITH 3. “SWALLOWED IN THE SEA BY COLDPLAY 4. “DIAMONDS BY RIHANNA 5. “I AM A ROCK BY SIMPLY SIMON AND GARFUNKEL 6th. “THE RIVER BY GARTH BROOKS? 2 PRINT out in least two stanzas from the lyrics in the song you’ve chosen.

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? a few IDENTIFY in least 2 literary techniques and INGREDIENTS LABEL these nicely on the printout.? 4 TOTAL the given table and answer the following question based on the approaches used in the song. An example (based about “Firework simply by Katy Perry) has been carried out for you. You should do not use this same music for your getaway homework.? a few ATTACH the printout of the lyrics directly to the backside of your accomplished table and submit this (in hard copy) on your Sec a couple of Lit educators in TERM1 WEEK1 2015.

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? BE AWARE: 1) You may use one of the following given tracks above ” or ” you may select any other THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE song words of the tune for this assignment.

Remember to include the name from the singer and source (weblink) alongside the title of the music. 2) Make sure that you have chosen ONLY SONGS that:? DO NOT consist of any irritating, insensitive or inappropriate referrals. Check with the Literature instructors if you are even now unsure as to whether you can use a specific song owing to its lyrics.? DEADLINE: Term 1 Week1 in 2015? TABLE OF ANALYSIS of Literary Techniques in Music? TITLE: inches Heart Attack ? Singer: Demi Lovato?

Literary Techniques utilized: Simile, Representation and Rhyme.? INCLUDE by least TWO STANZAS within your printout While i don’t careI can enjoy him such as a Ken toy Won’t rinse my frizzy hair Then help to make him jump like a basketball The feelings received lost during my lungs They’re burning, I’d personally rather be numb And there’s no one particular else accountable So worried I’ll pull off and run I’m soaring too near the sun And I’ll broken into flames? Video link and words (source):

https://www. youtube. com/watch? v=gLGtKw_UQCk? you COMPLETE THIS KIND OF TABLE based upon your chosen track lyrics: Offer Literary Products (Technique) SIMILE/ METAPHOR/ PERSONIFICATION/ RHYME/ ALLITERATION/ ONOMATOPOEIA?

Function (WHICH TOP QUALITY IS BEING COMPARED? ) Effect(EXPLAIN THE IMPLIEDMEANING THAT YOU REALLY NEED WORDS) ‘I can perform him like a Ken doll¦¦Then make him bounce such as a basketball’ ‘The feelings acquired lost in my lungs.

They’re burning, I’d rather end up being numb’ SIMILE PERSONIFICATION Lively Painful, Confused She toys with other guys’, making them like a game using a toy, the Ken toy, She would not want to fall in like though your woman can get a man easily with her appeal. She utilized personification by giving ‘ feelings ‘ the cabability to get ‘ lost ‘. And the fact that they received ‘lost ‘in her lungs suggests that these types of ‘ thoughts ‘ are really overwhelming that it becomes hard tobreathe as they seem to remain within every single breath that she features.

Personification is also seen in the phrase “They’re burning “which refers returning to those ‘feelings ‘that the singer is currently experiencing. The term ‘burning’ suggests that the feeling has an excruciating impact on the singer, for the point that they can seem to burn off. ‘And there’s no one otherwise to blame Thus scared Items take off and run I’m flying too close to the sunlight And I am going to burst into flames’ RHYME Love, Intimate Because the girl with unable to take the pain and suffering, “I’d rather be numb suggests the that singer favors tonot feel anything at all because the emotions are only too much on her behalf to handle. This suggests that the singer views her smash like the ‘sun ‘because this individual shines thus brightly in her sight.

This nevertheless has a setback as noticed in the last phrase, “And I burst in flames. He shines a lot that she is unable to contain her very own emotions since she enjoys him a whole lot, to the point where the lady ‘ explodes’. Also the phrase ‘flying’ shows the magnitude of her love on her crush, to the point that she feels like she’s ‘flying ‘. As a result she is unable to get near to him.? a couple of What is the entire meaning in the song?

(Personal Interpretation depending on your answers above: )) I think that in this tune, the composer is trying to share with us about¦ T this individual feeling of a woman who relates to a point in which she feels very vulnerable in falling in love. She actually is also trying to tell us to tolerate though when going through any emotional problems. Also, the lady wants to let us know to consider our alternatives wisely and carefully. EVALUATION DONE BY: Isaiah Leong, 2H, 27.

(Your Name, Course and Index Number) SUBMITTED ON: doze January 2015 (Date of submission) Heart Attack by Moitié Lovato Putting my defenses up Cause I may wanna along with loveIf We ever mixed dough, I think I’d personally have a heart attack Avoid putting my love on the line By no means said yes to the right guy Under no circumstances had trouble getting what I want When it comes to you I’m never good enough After i don’t treatment I can perform him such as a Ken girl doll Won’t wash my hair.

Then produce him jump like a golf ball But you make me wanna perform like a girl Color my fingernails and have on high heels Yes you, make me therefore nervous which i just can’t maintain your hand Is made me light But We cover up, refuses to let it present So I am just putting my personal defenses up Cause We don’t wanna fall in take pleasure in If I ever before did that, I do think I’d have a center attackI think I’d possess a heart attack I think I’d have a heart attack Under no circumstances break a sweat to get the various other guys At the time you come around I obtain paralyzed 5?

HAVE FUN AND REVEL IN ANALYSING THE LITERARY (POETIC) TECHNIQUES UTILIZED IN YOUR CHOSEN MUSIC? Prepared by Ms Banu (AHS 2014 Literature/ Poetry Unit)? And every time I make an effort to be myself It comes out wrong like a cry pertaining to help It’s just not reasonable Brings more trouble than it all is worth I gasp for surroundings It feels delicious, but you are aware of it hurts Nevertheless, you make me wanna act like a girl Paint my own nails and wear parfum For you, make me so anxious that I just can’t hold your odds.

You make me glow Nevertheless I hide, won’t allow it to show And so I’m putting my defense up Trigger I may wanna fall in love Merely ever did that, I think I’d have a heart attack I think I’d have got a myocardial infarction I think I’d have a heart attack The energy got misplaced in my lung area They’re burning, I’d rather be numbing And there is one otherwise to blame So scared I’ll take off and run I’m flying also close to the sunshine And I’ll burst in flames You choose me light But I cover up, will not let it present So I’m putting my own defenses up Cause I actually don’t wanna fall in love If I ever before did that, I believe I’d have got a myocardial infarction.


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