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Since our independence, we all came to a considerable ways. At the same time the perception and behavior has changed a lot. After our freedom, we were mostly dependent on international products as a result of lack of solutions. But as we moved forward we developed our own businesses and also, we all introduced a complete new lifestyle to this nation. As each of our topic knows the psychological and consumption behavior of Bangladeshis towards foreign items, we will certainly analyze the present situation of our country appropriately. Throughout this whole term paper we will discuss about the theoretical perception we now have about the consumer’s point of view and also the conclusions and the evaluation. Before 2k we can rarely see our personal companies except some garments and some key industries. But as the world received more digital we likewise developed with all the flow and Bangladesh has now their own firms. We are you can forget fully dependent on the foreign products. But still while buying things we certainly have some very prevalent perception regarding our price and quality and also the durability of those goods. Some of the people of the country nonetheless believe that international products are better than our neighborhood products. On the other hand, we can see which our local businesses are growing and at the same time their sell are growing. Mostly the folks of our nation are concentrating on buying local products. Our psychological and consumption behavior is changing a lot. Our key objective is always to find out these factors behind those behaviors, through the entire term newspaper we are going to evaluate the studies and hook up them with theories.


The record title “Understanding the emotional and ingestion behavior of Bangladesh is towards overseas products” is usually prepared to demonstrate consumer patterns towards diverse products. That aims to manager and understand consumer desire and to be familiar with real-world condition. The report has been prepared under the oversight of Ms. Fabiha Enam and with the co-operation of the group people.


The primary goal of this term paper should be to prepare a report that has mainly prepared to finish the program requirements. The secondary aim is to get the emotional and ingestion behavior of Bangladeshi people. And as our company is marketing scholar, we must learn how to apply diverse theories in different problems and also learn about the changing condition.


The scope of the job is limited for the participation of general buyers. Only the buyers of Dhaka city is selected intended for the survey and the members are mainly graduate students that have high knowledge and have a very good sensory choice to differentiate different brands.


The record has been well prepared using info from both primary and secondary sources. The background information about this term paper has been taken from websites and the real consumers. The effect of end user characteristics on choosing the brand has been established based on an initial research. A survey with 60 (minimum) respondents is included in this survey.


Like any various other project, that one also experienced certain limitations during it is preparation stage. The research participants were few in amount and their the time has been the time hath been limited through the survey. As well, the participants wanted to act in response about one more related matter. There was limit of collecting data of a giant number of members whose opinion about those brands could add more value from this research. The qualitative ingredient difference of foreign and native products is usually not included below.

Beauty and Hair Care

In terms of beauty people by no means compromise. That they always are likely to choose the best intended for beauty proper care. Moreover, hair-care is an important part to everyman’s life. A brand is a assure of specific level of quality, style and total experience. Persons always really know what to buy and what to expect. Neighborhood products can go over these expectations but you can a risk of disappointed. That is why most buyers choose the actual know finest and that 1 most often international product. When considering with picking hair care items people often go for individuals products that has style statements as well as status. Usually the labeling of the products also performs an important role in terms of deciding on. As style is a key factor pertaining to falling foreign goods. I actually represent that, my review is being replied by most of the young girls whom mainly happen to be loyal to foreign brands.

Research: Products that suits the very best

Most women within our country believes that is that best to use foreign brands for hair care. As they don’t trust in community or any global brands, they will buy international hair care goods. 87. 1% people feels that overseas brands meets the best pertaining to hair care as they are more trust worthy and have a brandname loyalty.

Major goal of selecting

The main reason of choosing overseas products is usually to have a healthy-looking curly hair. As there are various products that serves several advantages although most of them do not ensure to have a healthy-looking proper care. People currently are mainly centering not only within the outlooks to but in appears as well to enhance their splendor. So it is must to have a healthier freeze free looking frizzy hair. There were 3 options from this part yet 54. 8% people identified for healthy and balanced looking hair rather than silky and shininess or profound nourishment.

Carry out Local brands work better?

Buying regional brands aren’t so popular among people. People the best performer 77. 4% in responding negative to local items. As regional products are mostly manufactured internationally they tend to obtain foreign products. No matter they are really in middle class or perhaps lower class they constantly try to get back on track with the high class. Foreign goods are generally higher priced but they do not care about that. They think when ever one will buy imported goods, can be of a certain class.

Selecting high end manufacturer over local

Prior to survey, we all predicted that price do plays an important role when choosing a product. But the response from the review shows that 67. 7% people will go to get high end goods which are somewhat pricy and 32. 3% people should go for local people. High ended products include a good reputation in the market and a way more popular than local goods. As a result people buy foreign brand products due to exclusivity of certain products.

Air Pollution

The common problem in our region is smog. It is the major reason of frizzy hair damage. As a result of amount of dust and also other harmful smells almost every men and woman suffers varies hair complications like hair loss, dandruff etc . To reduce this problem they believe in using international products while 67. three or more % persons depending on overseas products. Whereas, 38. six % persons go for the local people as they believe that it is best to make use of the local goods to solve the local problems.

Initial thing comes while buying

Buying the cheapest items to save money doesnt always result in savings. Centering on quality more than price can be worth it in the long run. People believe good quality is sold with over priced items, as they the best performer 71% in quality.

Employing conditioner

In the survey, 51. 6% people the best performer for the same label of conditioner together with the shampoo, because conditioner enhances the shampoo. Using them equally at the same time could be good for hair-care. Besides, the minority of folks go for diverse brands as conditioner which may be local as well.


The review shows many people are depending on brand products nevertheless I think neighborhood brands have got a home-field advantage as they are more familiar, have a very good relationship with the consumers as they are entrenched in the local culture. People are mainly focusing on foreign top quality products. If globally a brandname can importance to the marketplace people can switch to local brands. In this, they need to indicate brand positioning theory. A brand positioning approach refers to creating brand organizations in consumers’ minds to create them see the brand within a specific method. If the item satisfies the consumer they will usually buy the merchandise and will be a loyal client of the brand. Brand position can be found in these steps:

  • Know what your buyers want.
  • Understand what you’re able to send and company capabilities happen to be.
  • Understand how each rival is placing their company.
  • Getting different among the competitors. The manufacturer must be exclusive.
  • Clothing’s Globalization is definitely an inescapable marvel that may be driving the world towards getting to be 1 market, a worldwide town. Together with the world changing into a solitary market, globalization has already established a remarkable commitment in enabling the organizations around the world to leave your their household markets and spread their particular operations worldwide with confidence. While the competition in global arena increase, more foreign businesses are entering the neighborhood market overtaking the customers. Foreign clothing brands have taken more than a large a part of our marketplace. Due to globalization the pattern of intake of people can be changing speedily. People are more into getting foreign clothing brand. Consumers feel pleased in buying imported dresses rather than trying out the neighborhood ones. It is noticed that buyers hesitate to get from neighborhood shops whereas foreign company are getting seen as a status symbol. Especially young people are found more to adhere to foreign trends instead of their own.

    Main Conditions for choosing Manufacturer

    Through the survey we have to know that a majority of people have their own criteria in choosing towels. 41. 9% people choose quality and 38. seven percent people try to find comfort during buying clothing. However , individuals are hardly Company loyal. They mainly search for their own requirements. Choice of company also is determined by age. Within our survey most people are of older between twenty and twenty-five. Although recently we presumed that young generations would like Foreign brands most, the survey revealed that we were wrong. Small generation people are more ready to accept use the neighborhood clothing and try out diverse deshi textiles. They feel more comfortable with local models and are likely to skip international fashions.

    Specialist VS Everyday

    In the investigation we have found out that social classes have an impact on choosing among foreign brand and local kinds. Based on our own mindset we certainly have asked something. Almost 49. 4% people agree that foreign brands are more well suited for Professional appear. Foreign brands tend to offer a good quality of simple but sophisticated apparel which goes very well for formal perspective. So business and experts tend to visit the foreign brands more. Whereas Local brands offer deshi fabrics and provide a gorgeous turn to the dress helping to make them more suitable for social gathering or informal events.

    Openness towards the new

    Before the study we believed that people would choose the international brands regardless if it’s new instead of a famous established community brand. Our prediction travelled wrong as in the review we found people even more Dogmatic. They will reacted to choose the old neighborhood brands over any fresh foreign types. Almost 67. 7% persons review that they would choose a known regional brand more than a foreign brand which is fresh in the market. People seem to be less open to new brands whether or not it’s international. They choose the brands they may be used to selecting. Most people usually avoid fresh foreign brands as they are uncertain about the caliber of clothes. They feel more comfortable with the familiar brands and styles, the quality and price of those which they know.


    Although globalization has made it a necessary to become open to the brand new and forget the cultural buffer, we must take into account that our culture should be your first priority. For many years there was clearly a trend among people to follow along with foreign traditions more than our personal. However , our young technology is now opening to the neighborhood brands once again.

  • To draw the customers to local brands again can provide them deshi fabrics with foreign and also deshi designs. This will supply the customers to be able to be comfortable with the fabric plus its stylish with foreign designs.
  • People agreed while using fact that foreign brands are usually more professional. Community brands can offer formal dress with neighborhood styles and fabrics. They will keep 2 types of products. Formal and informal to get both specialists and Cultural gatherings.
  • People seem to be choosing the regional brands even more. These brands can keep giving the well-known fabrics and styles and in addition they can keep on introducing new models and trends to keep the purchasers regular and make them manufacturer loyal.
  • Home Appliance

    Sensation toward foreign home appliances: From our study we have determined that people recognize foreign products rather than neighborhood products but since they get the comparable quality merchandise in Bangladesh then they will certainly buy home appliances from neighborhood companies. Below quality is the issue that triggers the consumer understanding while picking for home product products. Buyer examines top quality based on consumption. So people first employed foreign cookware and after that they build the trust on the product, as a result it now forces them to purchase foreign items all the time because of the nature of quality. From the consumer analysis 96% persons agreed that foreign goods serves much better than the local goods. Most of the people think that foreign brands always maintain their particular quality along with after promote service. Until now the majority of the consumers are willing to use Samsung korea and Well-defined instead of Walton and Minister. Customers often want to buy an enduring product with better quality with an following sell support. Till today in Bangladesh most of the home appliance brands are still enduring because of the older perception of the consumers that overseas products will serve better than the area ones. Nevertheless recently Bangladeshi brands happen to be promoting themselves as they are also providing quality products with after sell service. So a very small amount still feels that Bangladeshi products will be serving very well like the different foreign items.

    Maintaining cultural status

    Research show that people will be feel advanced and they usually associate themselves with foreign products. People whom make use of foreign items they truly feel classier regarding using it. Right here people are associating their life-style with foreign products and they tend to expose this sort of products to other. That describes all their social status that uses foreign goods in Bangladesh. The research is showing that half of the persons believe that international products help them to maintain their particular social position. In addition , 57, 7% people believe that foreign brands help to increase their character.

    Opportunity of local brands

    From your research it absolutely was pretty very clear that if perhaps these consumers get the same quality products with a great after assistance, they will in order to local appliances from international appliances. The neighborhood brands ought their advertising to educate absolutely free themes about their merchandise quality and service. A proper marketing and campaign plan can transform the current scenario of regional brands.

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