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Viewers and their products and objectives have altered, too. A large number of have Dvr, streaming online video, portable television, and undoubtedly hi-def or plasma sets. Therefore , they not only expect high quality programming and effects, nevertheless network scheduling is now a moot level. Audiences also can engage in repeat viewings, watching and inspecting more attentively, which leads suppliers to create “increasingly sophisticated story worlds that sustain and reward extensive fan involvement on a variety of levels, a process particularly appropriate to the sophisticated narrative planets associated with SFTV series starting from Star Travel to The X-Files to more modern shows including Heroes as well as the remake of Battlestar Galactica (Telotte, 2008, 303).

Business owners and multimedia scholars imagine the current condition of television set has come to a “tipping” point and the future of observing and programming may evolve in a number of interesting, highly scientific, and lively audience engagement. From The Twilight Zone towards the most recent SyFy offering, people are involved in the science fiction process – it helps reimagining human’s relationships with one another, television as being a form of entertainment, and asks individuals to step away from the comfort zone into a world of the likely (Hall, 2007).


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