Saudi Arabia And America Essay

Saudi Arabia And America Essay

When you talk or perhaps hear about Saudi Arabia and America, you know they can be talking about the main two countries in the world.

Once i graduated via high school inside my country Arab saudi I was not thinking about to examine out of the country. I requested King Abdul-Aziz University in Jeddah I have been there for just one month until my brother asked me to go to United State of America. I had fashioned no idea exactly what the difference between my country and America when I came to America I saw a lot of difference between my nation and U. S including Food, Expense. The first thing as well as the most important point is Foodstuff.

There are big different between my region and Usa State Of America like there in Saudi Arabia most of week days and nights we eat grain with seafood, chicken and meat, and i also like this a lot of because I usually play twice a day and so i believe I need a whole lot of proteins and also my loved ones cook every day in our home when here in America their meals it constantly burger and pizza and here in America me personally and my brother do not prepare food every day and it’s hard for us because I used to eat my mom cocking nearly all day but now I take in too much fast food such as hamburgers, pizzas. Second that everyone doesn’t just like is The Cost.

There are big different among Saudi Arabia and United States of America like there during my country the oil is cheaper than normal water because we have a lot of oil wells that why it is inexpensive. In my region we don’t have any taxes. For instance , if I have got place that sells cigs I don’t pay for any tax. Throughout America the oil is so expensive in a situation you wish to purchase a car you must think that if you can afford buying the oil to your car of course, if you can’t afford you can’t buy a car.

The taxes are so expensive in U. S and this is why lifestyle in America much more expensive than Saudi Arabia since everything you buy has duty. Life is gorgeous and trying fresh experiences is somewhat more beautiful. The experience I had and i also will never forget about the first time in America. The meals was my personal biggest issue because I used to be eating almost every day my own mother cocking but within America I eat fast food such as burger, pizza.

The Oil in Saudi Arabia is less expensive than drinking water but in America is so expensive. We don’t have any kind of taxes in Saudi Arabia that is why life in Saudi Arabia is less expensive than America.