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The Title I studying instructor will end up familiar with the Plato Learning content library.

The Title one particular reading instructor will begin supplementing your classroom training with the mini classroom research laboratory using application from Bandeja Learning.

Subject I reading instructor is going to assess class room performance and modify laboratory use accordingly.

The CELEBRITY Reading evaluation results will be evaluated.

Survey results on student attitudes towards browsing and learning will be in comparison to April 3 years ago results.

The state of hawaii standard scores for examining will be evaluated.

The area assessment ratings for browsing wil become evaluated.

The general success of the mini class room lab will be assessed

Lessons learned and suggestions will probably be incorporated in the use of the mini class lab for classes beginning in September 08.

6) Diffusion of Information

It 1 reading instructor will build up a detailed doc containing the mini lab’s goals and objectives and all evaluation results. This kind of document as well available internally to all staff and a copy will probably be sent to the district supervision as well as the Point out Department of Education without copyright enabling dissemination to other schools.

Vendor delivered brochures and case studies from the Plato Learning content catalogue will help instruct administrators about the purpose and potential from the software.

The fogeys of Title I studying students will be called to ask them to motivate their children to generate full advantage of the mini lab.

8) Budget

The entire budget required for the tiny classroom lab using application from Bandeja Learning is usually $7, 725. 00 because shown by following range item malfunctions:

Item Cost Quantity Total Cost

Every Student Plato Learning $595. 00 your five students $2, 975. 00

Content collection access payment

Daily Teacher Training $1, 500. 00 3 days $4, 500. 00


Per Station Installation Cost

50. 00 5 areas

Total Costs: $7, 725. 00

This relatively little sum is definitely expected to give you a huge return on investment.


Fletcher-Flinn, C. M., Gravatt, M. (1995). The efficacy of computer helped instruction (CAI): A meta-analysis. Journal of Educational Calculating Research, 219-241.

Kulik, L. A. (1994). Meta-analytic research of studies on computer-based instruction. In E. Baker H. O’Neil (Eds. ), Technology Evaluation in Education and Schooling.

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