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It was not my own first time to visit in an exhibit but it is my first-time to see a great exhibit which has full of technology, products and a lot of species. Once our instructor told all of us about the upcoming visit to CSU Carig she told us to find out and watch all the innovations over generally there, I was wondering about the inventions too day. I used to be very enthusiastic about it which i could not possibly concentrate inside our class discussion. When ever that time came, I actually woke up early because Now i am too excited to go on that exhibit.

My personal classmates and I waited for nearly 3 hours for the next vacation to CSU Carig. While we were in the jeep I’m and so quiet because there are lot of thoughts coming in my mind. Finally all of us arrived in CSU Carig, my heart beats fast, I could not concentrate. I am eager to go into the gym. If it is time for us to go in the gym, I had been amazed for the inventions posted in every portion of the gym.

As being a first timer to visit in an show full of developments, products and a lot of species, I had been amazed to the Red Nile Tilapia. We can’t receive my eyes through with this because it is a mutant strain of Nile tilapia compared to many red tilapia which originated from the Mossanbique tilapia. While it is propagation true, there red color pattern genetic collection and cross breeding will be being done to enhance its development and color. The most amazing a part of it is that increased creation in ponds from 3 tons to five tons/ha/yr and produced offspring with more quickly growth 1o. 7 to 22% more than the real strain.


Technology is a one simple word with great that means. Help all of us in our daily lives. Help us to accomplish work easier. But with no help of our greatscientists or perhaps researchers this technology refuses to help each of our country to advance. We cannot experience the existence we are having today.

What I learned from our trip to CSU Carig Grounds was that even if you are not a scientist or a researcher given that your knowledge is enough for you to help our country to progress you are free to share your idea. I likewise learned that there is absolutely no age limit in learning about something that will not exist. Several projects that are posted inside the exhibit were created out of the components that came by nature which have been common. Scientists or researchers are really great. They will discovered a lot of thing that helps our nation to progress. Yet that doesn’t mean that we should just depend on our scientists or researchers today but all of us ourselves ought discovering straightforward things that might help the country to progress.

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