Rash decisions in romeo and juliet composition

The tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet hosts a plethora of hastily made decisions. As ill-fated as the two star-crossed lovers may have been, the main of all their very own problems could be traced returning to their allergy decisions. The main reason Romeo and Juliet meet up with in the first place is because Romeo and Benvolio decide on a impulse that they are gonna go to the Capulet party to show Romeo there are other special gems besides Rosaline. After this all of the decisions of the characters are made on the spot, with little to no priority going into them.

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Experienced the personas thought their very own choices by using a bit more extensively then probably they wouldn’t have had to handle the resulting tragedy. These are but a few of the flawed choices that finally lead to Romeo and Juliet’s untimely death. As mentioned the choice that triggered the ignition of this ill-fated romance was when Romeo and Benvolio made the decision to go to the Capulet party.

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They hear about it the moment reading the Capulet messenger’s letter and rashly opt to go to the get together so as to support Romeo get over Rosaline.

The very fact that they willingly decide to head to their enemy’s party to find women is definitely abhorrent simply because they know the problems that could occur if that they got found. If they had place a little more thought into the effects of this sort of actions in that case maybe Romeo and Juliet would not possess ended up in this turbulent romance. Another poorly made decision was the moment after knowing each other to get a single day Romeo and Juliet decide to get married. The amount of imperfections in their logic whilst deciding upon this course of action is definitely numerous.

Initially, after these kinds of a short timeframe they barely know one another, second, before making such a big step because of their futures this would’ve recently been wise to initial see if they could do anything to help end their families feuding so that they wouldn’t have to keep their love a secret. Their very own secret relationship inescapably brings about many concerns including that Juliet’s dad wants her to marry Paris. Since she is previously married this kind of idea includes her into a fit of rage and despair.

This may lead to another whirlwind of situations that in the end forges the way to one of Romeo and Juliet’s final and greatest oversight. The last and quite possibly the largest mistake the lovers generate is if they decide to take their own lives to be with each other. The reason this happens is because of even more quickly made decisions. The initial event that leads to this tragic ending is definitely when Friar Lawrence chooses to give Juliet a comprimé to make her sleep to get a day irrespective of not having pointed out any n their programs to Romeo. The friar does give a page but it gets delayed so Romeo is without idea that Juliet’s death is known as a hoax. Instead of doing a thing rational Romeo then makes a decision to purchase a vial of poison and kill himself at Juliet’s grave. In the grave Romeo ends up eliminating Paris as well as minutes before Juliet can be suppose to wake up requires the toxic and drops dead. If Romeo had anxiously waited a little much longer or attempted to go to Friar Lawrence to view about what acquired happened this catastrophe could have been avoided.

Right after Romeo dead Juliet wakes up and is troubled with insurmountable despair at his death. When the friar tries to acquire her to leave the tomb she finds a dagger and kills their self. Juliet’s decision to eliminate herself because she is unable to be with her lover is obviously is quite a brash and thoughtless decision. After she woke up your woman could have left with the friar and tried to sort out her feelings just before making these kinds of a permanent decision, but instead her forthright nature gets the best of her and she ends up dead because of this.

Romeo and Juliet flawlessly depict that rash decisions lead to defective conclusions. In summary Romeo and Juliet may be more accurately referred to as a tale of hastily manufactured decisions leading to unfortunate results rather than the story of two star-crossed enthusiasts who were meant to be stored apart. The key events that may lead to their fatalities are all brought on by someone found in the heat in the moment rather than thinking clearly.

From the decision to go to the Capulet party to each of the events that contributed to their very own fast paced romance, perfunctory decisions have outweighed them all. Through these alternatives the tragic flaws of Romeo and Juliet are revealed. It is apparent in the beginning that Romeo’s tragic drawback is his impulsiveness and inability to manage his like for Juliet. Juliet’s tragic flaw can be her dedication towards Romeo which leads to her death when ever she is segregated from him. Romeo and Juliet were the victimized without any assistance, and finally it ends up leading to their very own untimely deaths.


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