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Having these in mind, I might admit the ongoing flow of substitutes is going to lead to higher profits in the future that it features until now, since, as I have got mentioned above, the indoor ascending industry is actually a new domain of interest for folks. Despite this simple fact, the accessibility of the field might turn into a real threat in the local future, since it will certainly lead to the appearance of opponents on the market, a thing which might as well affect the success of the claims, because the site would become familiar for many individuals and its originality would not always be anymore an area of appeal.

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The threats I have discovered are the feasible appearance of monopoly in the matter of our provider, the growth of costs once with the appearance of substitutes, the enforcement of the competition, due to accessibility from the industry as well as the great benefits of the buyer that will remain continuous, in my opinion, in the present and in the future. However, the growth in the power of each of our supplier appears more frightening in the present mainly because in the future different equipment suppliers might look, once while using development of the industry. The growth of price because of the of substitutes as well as the appearance of recent competitors seems to be more frightening in the future, because we are talking about a new field of interest.

On the internal program the situation appears to be different as the number of advantages – the fame from the supplier, the increasing with the clients’ number, the availability we have came across when we came into the sector and the increasing of the industry’s profit and its particular possibility of to become successful company or even a monopoly on the market – is higher than that of the weaknesses. Thus the constant growth of the potency of the dealer might be even more beneficial for all of us in the future, just as the increase from the number of clients, which can be produced by the appearance of substitutes and the low level of rivalry, despite the fact that this could be a real threat in the foreseeable future.. On the other hand, the accessibility with the domain may possibly turn into a disadvantage in the future, because it will certainly result in the appearance of new competitors. When compared with this, the weak inner points which will seem rather to affect us in our is the customer power, as a result of which we have already lowered the costs, the remaining -the danger of becoming influenced by our dealer, the higher costs involved by the appearance of suppliers- seem to be rather long term concerns.

In general, the SWOT Matrix displays equality between advantages and disadvantages of activating in that field. For this reason , I determine by saying there are not great hazards but nor extraordinary gains. What we can do in exchange is to continue these idea sessions and new ideas are going to occur for sure.


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