Ethics Game Simulation Essay


In simulation game, two dilemmas had been presented.

The first circumstance is occurred to a 16-year-old mother, RB. She is in her tenth hour of labor. Her parents are for bedside with her.

As a result of religious opinion, they have decided to limit the number of medication and other medical assistance. As a result of length of her labor, her unborn child’s situation is getting worse. RB has not received any medicine so far. Due to her dread and problems, fetal stress has been raising gradually. RB’s brother explained that their very own parents wish the staff hold the painkiller and treatment mainly because they punish her to get pregnant before she was married.

RB is still a minimal, her mom and dad are informed of her health status, yet we are uncertain whether or not they understand how dangerous her situation might get. In the second case, one of many ICU patient, AT, was brought to the hospital by his domestic spouse, YM. YM was served with him while both of them were in the ER, but he was not allowed to check out his partner in the ICU. The shift supervisor health professional stated she’d follow the guidelines and allow genuine family members go to the patient.

BY has been subconscious for one time and no defined diagnosis has become reached. Having been in important condition and cannot help to make decision on his own. There is no related information on patient’s file whether or not approve or perhaps refuse the present treatment. To be able to address ethically, I need to always be attentive.

So I have to recognize the real situation first. In the first circumstance, the teen and her uncreated, unbegotten, unconceived child need medical care yet her mother and father are the legal guardian that have legal responsibility for her care. I have already now the problem, the next step is to be clever. I need to use my crucial thinking skill to evaluate the important points.

Also, I want to think about my obligation to my affected person and how my own decision impacts each person involved with this case. Therefore, the decision should be fair, match my work, and affordable. I have to ensure that the patient and her unborn child obtain appropriate amounts, her parents’ wishes happen to be being honored, and I follows hospital’s policies and rules. After careful consideration, my personal decision is to ask the assigned doctor to contact a physician to make sure the mother and baby are examined medically, they may get appropriate and necessary care, and both of them will be safe. In the meantime, I will speak to the chaplain to make sure patient’s parents’ beliefs are well known by the amounts team.

In the second circumstance, I have to identify patient’s home-based partner’s rights and each person’s emotional express. Then I need to consider how you can perform my own job responsibility responsibly and my obligations to the sufferer, and patient’s best interest. The problem they have now could be how to insure access for same-sex partner’s patients upon equal footing with heterosexual couples. As the same-sex spouse do incorporate some rights in this situation just like right to generate decision pertaining to an unconscious family member. As my sufferer, AT, remains to be unconscious and he can’t make any kind of decisions pertaining to himself.

So , my decision is to provide YM usage of his dearly loved and treats him because family. Let me also speak to my manager about my personal decision. When making use of ethical contacts, it will guidebook me generate a audio decision. In the first circumstance, I applied right/responsibilities lens and benefits lens. The right/responsibilities contact lens focuses on obligations and obligations, and be ethically acceptable.

The results zoom lens focuses on the duties and what complies with individual needs, which means Need to consider just how my actions will influence each person. Therefore, I have to combine all the research and my own knowledge to produce a sound decision in order to satisfy each person’s ethical desires. The second circumstance, I utilized relationship lens and reputation lens.

The partnership lens is targeted on being fair. In order to be good, I have to make use of my electrical power appropriately and everyone’s privileges as a person. For instance, I need to know the patient’s domestic partner’s rights and what kind access I can give him. The reputation zoom lens guides myself focus on the virtues of each and every person.

The rights/responsibilities contact lens allow me to consider my work as a doctor and how to accomplish my responsibility. My sufferer and her baby’s security are my personal top priority. Hence, I have to call the medical doctor and notify him that my sufferer needs amounts. When using the outcomes lens, I must consider how to create a happy result to meet my sufferer and her family member’s needs and honor patient’s parents’ wants as well. Consequently, I have to get in touch with the chaplain to convenience patient’s father and mother in order to meet up with their spiritual needs.

The relationship lens please let me consider my own patient fantastic domestic partner’s rights. Consequently, before We make a decision. I actually look at hospital’s policy and rules.

I want to make sure I give my patient’s spouse his privileges to access his loved one while I am continue to implementing hospital protocols. The reputation lens leads me to think about how you can be a good nurse as well as how to provide greatest care for my own patient. Likewise, I have to let my manager understand my personal decision and my normal as a worker and a nurse.

As being a home wellness nurse, we meet patients who from countries and who has distinct beliefs, and cultural qualification. I think when I have an ethical conflict, I must assess the condition and collect data rather than making assumptions. After I accumulate data, I want to think about how a decision can impact each person involved in this case (right/responsibilities lens).

As a health professional, I should also remember SPICILEGE Code of Ethics. I can remind me I need to

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