Project proposal pertaining to library system with



1 . 1 Qualifications of the Problem

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STI is a second most significant IT-based educational institution in Asia and has twigs all over the Thailand. It has a department in Malolos and is located at McArthur Highway Veritas compound, Dakila, Malolos City, Bulacan. You will discover more than two hundred students and around 16 (16) staff including part-time and a lot of the time faculty members. All pupils and faculty associates are allowed to acquire books. The STI University Malolos Selection has just one Librarian. You will discover 5, 586 books with a wide array of topics/subjects.

It houses two computer devices as file format to research pertaining to users whose needs are not supplied inside the location.

Regarding the school librarian, the librarian has difficulties in computing charges creating reports, monitoring overdue and managing data source.

The advocates aim for the improvement and performance of the school’s library deals.

1 . a couple of Overview of the Current State in the Technology

`Library System is an venture resource planning system to get a library, accustomed to track products owned, charges paid coming from patrons who have been lost the book or overdue book and customers who have lent.

1 . several Project Reason

The library of STI College Malolos can benefit from the suggested computerized selection system with Barcode Technology. It will decrease time and effort to get both librarian and pupils. Students

The Students of STI College Malolos will benefits from this system because they can very easily borrow or return from the library. That they don’t need to search the book by funding through index card. Librarian

The librarian will also benefits a lot using this system because the

computerized library system with barcode technology could help her lessen her work from maintaining the books from other availability since its already electronic. The work of the librarian would be easier and faster. It will help her to easily monitor the transaction with the books. Advocates

The advocates will also advantages from this system as the proponents may apply their particular knowledge that they have learned at school. The system is definitely a big advantage to them since it will develop all their skills with regards to programming.

installment payments on your 0 TASK DESCRIPTION

2 . one particular Problem Statement

Since STI College Malolos is applying manual purchase there are probability that data might get misplaced during manual transactions and time consuming. Too much paper function, since almost everything and every depth is written down physically in daily news.

2 . two Proposed Research Project

2 . 2 . 1 General Objectives

The main objective with this study should be to come up with Electronic Library Program with Barcode Technology pertaining to STI College or university Malolos.. The proponents want to automate STI College Malolos process using Barcode Technology to reduce link and effort for both librarian and pupils.

2 . 2 . 2 Particular Objectives

To create a component that will calculate penalties for delinquent credit seekers. -A function that will generate a minimum sum of penalty for the delinquent of the library. The penalty depends on the librarian. To make a module that will generate reviews.

-System will certainly generate standardised reports including list of borrows, list of new books, list of damaged ebooks, list of overdue borrowers and other periodically and commence to end day of statement and other choices can be included. This system will held the librarian create reports which might be required simply by school. To create a secureness and unit in audit trail.

-The proposed program will improved the record keeping procedure for their current system with security measures and database that will cater to all the deals inside the library. Each end user will be presented a certain degree of security to ensure the security with the database. The module has a log in program that will need username nad password prior to system can be utilised. Level of Accesion will be integrated to protect secret records that other users should never see or use. An audit trail will be used in order to transactions that need the enhancing or changing of very sensitive and confidential records. To create a transaction module pertaining to borrowing and returning book(s). -Having a computerized system in asking for, returning and searching of books. It really is easier plus more convenient intended for the user to locate a certain publication by subject, by subject matter author. Time required in searching and processing these kinds of trasactions inside the will require the modifying or perhaps updating or perhaps updating of sensitive and confidential record.

2 . 2 . 3 Opportunity and Limits


Recommended system will take care of the following:

Books Record Maintenance

-The program can shop, retrieve, alter and removed file is going to moved to store of information. Return and Borrowing Purchase

-The system is immediately set your day of returning and asking for. Compute the periods of penalty

-The system will automatically figure out the days of penalty and cost. Reports

-Book List

-Patron List

-Transaction List

-Returned List





” Back-up and Restore

” Taxation Trail

” Environment

” User Establishing

” Change Security password

” Time and Date Establishing


The system will not cover the following:


-The system will not cover the reservation of the literature.

Library Budgets

-The system will not include inventory of other STI College Malolos Library assets such as

oBooks Supplies



oBook Space

2 . installment payments on your 4 Technique


six Parts of Spin out of control Model:

Customer Communication

-We carry out an interview to collect information that people need to this kind of proposed project. We provide forms and make researches regarding the STI College

Malolos Collection.


-We allocated task for every member and created questionnaires for the interview.

Risk Analysis

-We recognize the errors and insects in our program. We will analyze every error happened during tests.


-We design and built the system applying Microsoft Visual Basic 6th. 0, Adobe Photoshop a few. 0 and MySQL.

Construction and Release

-The program will be examined in STI College Malolos to check if the system reached their satisfaction. We all will also train them how you can manipulate this system.

System Analysis

-Asking for responses from buyer is important to make a system. Through this part of Get out of hand model, we all ask for feedback to our consumer for us to be aware of what the score of our method is.


a few. 1Calendar Actions

¢JULY you ” 10

” Searching for Business

¢JULY 10 ” 11

” Conduct Interview


” Conduct Research

¢JULY 12-15 ” AUG 30

” Records


” Coding


” Screening


3. a couple of Resources


The proposed Computerized Catalogue System with Barcode Technology for STI College Malolos requires equipment requirements as well. Since the institution has a pc laboratory, STI College Malolos already satisfies all the requirements for a desktop, at least Intel Pentium 4 Processor with at least 2, 4Ghz, in least 512mb RAM, and 80gb Hard Disk Drive and Bar code Technology.

Computer software

The proposed system will operate in or windows 7 SP2 and SP3 with MySQL pertaining to data safe-keeping program from the system.


4. 1 References

four. 2 Source Persons

Ms. Claricel V. Mejia

School Librarian

STI College Malolos

Mr. Captain christopher Rae Perez

University IT Brain

STI College Malolos

Mr. Samson Eugenio

School’s Academic Head

STI College Malolos

5. 3 Personal Technique Vitae

Maelynne Happiness A. Estander

San Pablo, Malolos City


Mark Allan D. Francisco

Grand Royale, Malolos City


Emil Paolo M. Tamondong

Lugam, Malolos City



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