I was intended to write my research paper of Progressive Movements i. e. a activity marked by an all-encompassing and intensive change in almost all spheres of American life viz. political, economical and sociable and how Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson contributed toward it. The period from 1890 to 1917 in the great United States is known as Progressive era.

This period is definitely marked simply by an all-encompassing and extensive change in almost all spheres of yankee life viz. political, economic and sociable. The progressive leaders with faith in the traditional American ideals of democratic govt, individual liberty, rule of law and protection of private rights and property, sensed that Gilded Age was marked by simply corruption. They will further felt that due to the policies and practices in the previous regimes, a happy wealthy class has been created that experienced plundered the national prosperity and resources. What is Progressivism?

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A: A chemical reaction to Gilded Age? M: Manifestation of Mature American Ideology? Ideological Roots of Progressive Activity Progressive Reconstructs A: Progressivism at neighborhood level W: Progressivism by State Level C: Progressivism at Government Level Modern Leader and the contributions A: Theodore Roosevelt B: Howard Taft C: Woodrow Wilson D: La Follette. Bottom line Ekirch, Arthur A. Progressivism in America. Research of the Era from Theodore Roosevelt to Woodrow Wilson.

New York; Fresh Viewpoints. 1974. Filene, Philip G. An Obituary for The Progressive Movement. American Quarterly. Volume. 22, Number 1(Spring, 1970). pp.

20-34 Nevins, Allan& Commager, Henry S. A short history of the usa New York, A. Parkes, Henry B. The United States of AmericaA History. New York, Knopf, late 1950s

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