Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to my own examiners and friends. To state situation job given

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According to the circumstance given…

To bring in the a place of watch

I believe / I believe that

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First stage

Elaborate – ( Introduce ); For a start, I would really like to advise ( transmission to primary point ); My main point is usually … as well as The most important factor/reason is …

( Ilustrate a place ); Therefore…/ This means that …/ According to…

( Example ); For example / ……such as……

Second point / Third stage

Elaborate- ( start a new level ); My next stage is…/ One other suggestion is….

( consider what you’ve said ); As I said at the beginning…

( sign cause and effect ); As a result…/ Due to

( transmission to move on a possible remedy ); Discussing look at a number of the possible ways…

( signal to get drawing a conclusion ) So , we could say that…. / Thus… To conclude: Being a conclusion, I suggest that…/ In a nutshell

Task B

To start a discussion

Assalamualaikum and good morning once more to everybody.

We could here to focus on the issue currently happening which is… To ask for an opinion

May possibly I know the opinion concerning ….? as well as What do you think we can do to ….? / Do you really agree that…? To give a viewpoint

We would say that…/ Personally, I find myself …. / I think

To express good agreement

I strongly agree…. / I reveal the same view …

To express partially agreement

Your recommendation is good but…. / I really do not undoubtedly agree with you…. To express solid disagreement

That can’t be true by any means / I understand what you’re saying nevertheless I don’t think the correct solution… To sign a contrasting idea

On the other hand

To reject ideas/opinions

I understand the concern although …

To interrupt

Permit me to interrupt….

To conclude

Let’s summarize what we continues to be mentioned so far. So we all agree that…………………… is the most important element that can impact …….. Do people have other things to say?. In any other case, let’s deliver this conversation to a close. Thank you for your contribution to the discussion.

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