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Practice Issue Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) Project in courses DNP program, asked

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The practice issue I use chosen to explore is whether or perhaps not q2 hourly turning and placement actually diminishes the incidence of pressure ulcers in the elderly foundation bound population in nursing homes. The getting pregnant that turning does help to ease the pressure associated with these kinds of ulcers continues to be longstanding. Specifically, there is specialized medical evidence to indicate the fact that “Unrelieved pressure is a well-known clinical risk factor to get ulcer development” (Salcido, 2004, p. 156). As such, the turning of patients at least just about every two hours has been carried on for quite some time inside the nursing human population, although there are some salient points of concern that really must be addressed with this issue.

One of the main things that folks need to be aware about who undertake such a practice is the fact that the actual turning and repositioning of patients is performed by two types of staff. Licensed rns are expected to execute this duty, but they commonly do so by making use of “unlicensed assistive personnel” (Leeds, 2004). The fact that there is a tandem work involved in executing this procedure helps you to underscore a number of the difficulties and hazards connected with it – on the part of medical personnel. There are many of sufferers who will be overweight and who happen to be heavy. Turning them – especially in regular time periods – can easily significantly harm individuals who are chosen for doing this task. A 2012 study of 173 wound attention nurses says “74% of nurses explained themselves or maybe a co-worker has been injured due to repositioning of the patient” (WOCN, 2012).

Moreover to assisting to care for the individuals who have recently been charged with carrying out transfering and turning nurses, it is crucial to realize that there are a number of certain tools that they may use to help them with this process. Such tools consist of quantitative measurements such as the Braden Scale analysis which is a sort of predicting pressure sore exposure to possible patients. Addititionally there is valuable tools that can assist to relive the type of pressure that can trigger ulcers. Such equipment involves mattresses, cushioning and specialized beds that can provide comfort and ease for individuals with wounds. This equipment provides a valuable kind of intervention that assist people, and which in turn works in conjunction

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