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I. Florante at Laura

Florante and Laura will be the main personas of the wonderful metrical romantic endeavors of debatably the greatest Filipino poet, Francisco Balagtas. Florante is the child of Duke Briseo and Princess Floresca of Albania and the main protagonist in the romance. Laura is the girl of California king Linceo of Albania as well as the love fascination of Florante and is later on married to him. This is certainly a bundle, because they can’t stand alone on their own for their ethnic meaning comes from them getting together, because they symbolize appreciate overcoming severe difficulties, even the great break down of tradition, family and faith.

The relationship between Florante and Laura is so divine and unique because their particular love for each and every other turned out that appreciate conquers all. Their appreciate for each mom must set a standard to any or all of us that individuals should fight for the one we all love and cherish one of the most. In the tale, even if there were so many hurdles and problems that came into their very own lives they will still manage to maintain what they have for every other.

It should be the to all people of how actual love is usually.

II. Comparison or Parallelism

Local: Crisostomo Ibarra and Maria Clara

Crisostomo Ibarra and Nancy Clara would be the two protagonists in Jose Rizal’s novel Noli Me Tangere. They share a love that even range can’t break. Just like the happenings between Florante and Laura. They’ve been separated or far from each other for some days, several weeks, months or even years however love stay. Another likeness is the take pleasure in triangle present in both stories. In Florante and Laura, there is Adolfo who wants to eliminate the love involving the lovers to get Laura. In Noli Me Tangere, there is Linares who wants to marry Maria Clara.

Even if will be certainly someone who attempted to ruin their love they still continue to be faithful to each other. One of the best commonalities of them isthat they are ready to die just to protect one another. Crisostomo is ready to fight the Spaniards or use the priests to put Maria Clara free yet unfortunately Karen Clara perished inside the convent and Crisostomo was playing revenge and guilt in his heart. However, Florante fight his opponents even if it means that its cost his life. Positive thing Florante are able to stay in.

Foreign: Romeo and Juliet

The very famous Romeo and Juliet can be compared to our very own Florante and Laura because of the flow with their story and the most significantly its theme. The theme is the difference of their culture and friends and family. The Montagues and the Capulets are very wonderful enemies and so if somebody established a romantic relationship with each other it’s a trouble. In Florante and Laura, there’s a turmoil between civilizations and because of that their families started to be nice adversaries also.

Just like Crisostomo Ibarra and Florante, Romeo provides a competitor as well for the hands and heart of Juliet, his name is Paris, france. Paris is definitely the suitor of Juliet plus the Capulets wish Paris to get Juliet’s spouse but everybody knows that Romeo is the one for Juliet. This shows that if you really like the person you will not be attracted to somebody else even if he do very good to you or even if your family wants him for you. You must follow the heart in case it is what makes you happy, you should guard it even if it means you will have a struggle and battle between persons.

The good thing that happens in the end of both stories is of course when their own families finally possess peace. This happened in Romeo and Juliet when both people realize that is actually wrong to fight each other for a very long time if they need to have resolved it from the very first time this occurs the moment Romeo and Juliet passed away together. In Florante and Laura tranquility was made the moment all of the battles were concluded and their religions and traditions became one.

III. Conclusion

The similarities on the heroes are very apparent. They would whatever it takes for take pleasure in and they represent love as being able to conquer obstacles and problems is obviously. I’ve learned that love conquers all and if you really

love somebody you should not become ashamed to guard it set up things you will encounter will be as hard as a diamonds. Time flies so fast you’ll never know what will happen so you must enjoy and do whatever you can carry out to make every moment will last. I think something else that We have learned is the fact you should not always be fooled simply by prejudice because some conflicts are caused by that. But the main lesson from the stories and the characters is love is unconditional and sacrificial.


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