Mistakes which will not last the entire life essay

Teenage motherhood seems to be an expanding problem in the modern society. The stereotypes which come along with being a pregnant young have also expanded. Most adolescent mothers today are defined as irresponsible, with time are viewed as bed parents without being presented a chance. It can be true that careless decisions had to be manufactured in order to get the mother to have ever become pregnant, however it is completely unfair for all young mothers to carry these normal stereotypes. I believe that all teenage moms should be given a chance to provide evidence that they too can be responsible father and mother.

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I have attained societys unoriginal teenage parent. Heather Goode was a close friend of mine in high school. At the beginning of our senior year, I came across out that Heather was pregnant. The lady continues visiting school until two weeks prior to Blake was developed. After Blake was born, My spouse and i never noticed Heather talk of him, and i also definitely under no circumstances saw her taking care of him. He was usually with her parents. Blake is about six months old now, and Heather still scarcely spends whenever with him. I see Blake every now and then, although he is usually being taken care of by Heathers parents. This lady has certainly fit right directly into societys common teenage mom role, yet two of my other friends have not.

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I would really prefer to familiarizes you with Aubrey Shelton. Aubrey is nineteen years of age, and she gets an eight-month-old daughter called Bailee. My spouse and i often go out with the two of them, and it amazes me how older Aubrey has become since Bailee was born. Ahead of Bailee Aubrey was a cheerleader in secondary school, and provides big programs of moving away to attend college. When she found she was pregnant. Your woman decided to full her first semester of college before Bailee was born, then to take another two semesters off to be able to spend time with her daughter. Aubrey has not put the responsibility of taking care of her child on her parents. Instead, she spends most of her time caring and taking care of her little girl. It is a unusual occasion that I see Aubrey that your woman does not have got Bailee immediately with her. Even though the girl admits the girl never wanted a child by her age group, she truly does everything the girl can to get just as good of a mother as an agent who has planned youngsters.

Melissa Seaver is also an extremely close friend of mine. At the conclusion of our junior year of high school, Melissa found out your woman was pregnant. Melissa continuing coming to school until Paige was born, and returned to end our elderly year. Her story is a little different than Aubreys though, since she married Paiges dad Brandon, and they moved out on their own. Melissa is certainly not the only teenage parent with this situation. Brandon is also involved. If you were ever to meet their particular daughter Paige you would immediately fall in love with what I considered to be among the happiest infants I have also been around, and i also have been in regards to lot of children. Sometimes Paiges grandparents care for her, but is not because Melissa and Brandon ask them to. They actually it mainly because they want to go out with their granddaughter. Melissa would go to school and holds straight down a job, and Brandon even offers a full period job. They may have both altered to being parents. Paige knows who also mom and dad will be, and if she could talk, she would let you know what superb parents this wounderful woman has.

Society want to look at mothers like Heather Goode make that sort of label upon all teen parents, but you some teens can be responsible. Aubrey Shelton and Brandon and Melissa Seaver probably should not have to live with societys narrow-minded views. They must be given to be able to be looked at as good parents to their children. That they made a careless decision, and they ought to be given the opportunity to redeem their particular selves. Therefore instead of putting them to shame, maybe we could offer them support and love. Just as we might any other father and mother who have an infant child, because one careless mistake must not have to stick with them for lifetime.

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