I. Purpose for this exploration is to determine problems within the Roanoke subset of Phoenix Marketing which have triggered the latest resignations associated with an art movie director and a merchant account executive, raising client issues with quality of, productivity and demoralization of employees within that branch. II. Site visit to Roanoke branch was performed in order to investigate problems. A. Preformed one-on-one staff interviews as a way understand the causes of declining comfort within the branch. 1 . Done interviews with four away of six employees from your Accounts Managing department.


2 . Interviewed the typical manager of Roanoke department.

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3. A new group ending up in entire Innovative Services office. B. Discovered work environment to obtain a feel for how staff interact with each other and appreciate workflow within the office. C. Reviewed past year of business reviews.

D. Analyzed policy and procedure manual.

1 . Plans for new client accounts were reviewed and updated. installment payments on your Overtime settlement for salaried employees was not addressed inside the company’s insurance plan manual.

E. Interviewed clients, both equally satisfied and dissatisfied.

1 ) Conducted telephone surveys with dissatisfied clientele who had recently closed all their accounts with Roanoke branch. 2 . Sent out pleasure surveys to current client list of Roanoke branch. 3. Main causes for challenges plaguing the Roanoke branch are the endless number of fresh client jobs, short staffing and thus overworked employees, not enough communication between departments, and declining employee job pleasure. A. One on one interviews with employees revealed a part wide dissatisfaction with work loads and uncompensated overtime several hours.

1 . The policy for accepting new projects does not take into account current workloads. installment payments on your There is no policy for overtime, however, compensation for salaried workers. 3. Understaffing and resignations within the department have triggered difficulties intended for remaining staff. B. Insufficient communication between Creative Providers department and Accounts Management department features caused stress and a great unwillingness to work together. 1 ) Creative function is being improved without consultation.

2 . Site of Creative Services section in relation to Accounts Management department hinders good communication. C. Creative Companies department is definitely short staffed since the latest resignation from the head fine art director. M. Increasing client complaints can be a direct response to poor quality of work.

IV. Shifting the focus of Roanoke branch to raising employee comfort, encouraging interdepartmental communication, and decreasing workloads of each division will resolve problems within the branch. A. Add a salaried employee overtime compensation intend to Phoenix Advertising’s policy manual to be applied throughout the complete company. N. Revise plan for taking new customer projects.

1 ) Work must be assigned in accordance to employee capacity. 2 . Realistic task deadlines must be set at the beginning of each consumer project. C. New personnel should be appointed immediately to fill the recently vacated positions inside the branch. Deb. Location of Creative Companies department should be changed to be able to facilitate better communication with art owners. E. Require the use of interoffice email or perhaps text messaging to facilitate sales and marketing communications between departments.

DATE: May 2, 2012

TO: Gregory S. Forest

FROM: Angela Bennett

SUBJECT: Investigation and Recommended Solutions for Roanoke Branch


Investigate and pin-point complications within the Roanoke branch of Phoenix, arizona Advertising which have led to the recent resignations of an skill director and an account executive, increasing consumer complaints, lowering productivity and demoralization of employees within that part.

Identity of Facility

Roanoke branch of Phoenix Advertising

Information of Research

On browsing site over a period of five workdays, I performed one-on-one staff interviews, observed the work environment, reviewed days gone by year’s business reports plus the policy and procedure manual, and selected clients with the Roanoke part. I spent the entire first day of my go to observing the work environment and trying to get a think for the workflow and exactly how employees socialize within their departments and among other departments. Over the up coming two days, I actually interviewed 4 of the personnel from the Accounts Management department on an person basis to be able to ascertain all their thoughts as to the reasons the department is faltering, as well as having a group meeting with the entire Imaginative Services division.

I hit with Martha Meeks, General Administrator of the part, and we reviewed the last 12 months of business reports. We also evaluated the plan and method manual in relation to new customer accounts and overtime compensation for salaried employees. During the last two days of my go to, I was capable to conduct phone interviews with both satisfied and dissatisfied consumers of the Roanoke branch. We also mailed out satisfaction surveys towards the remainder in the client list that I was unable to contact by mobile phone. A copy of the survey is attached to this report.


My research identified the subsequent problems:

1 ) The insurance plan for taking new projects does not take into consideration current work loads and deadlines.

2 . There is absolutely no policy for overtime reimbursement of salaried employees.

3. Understaffing and resignations within the branch have got caused difficulties for leftover employees.

four. Lack of interaction between the Imaginative Services departments and Accounts Management department has caused tension and an unwillingness to come together.

5. The location of the Innovative Services office in relation to the Accounts Management department even more hinders great communication.

six. Quality of work produced is definitely poor and client issues are elevating.


Technically, the acknowledging unlimited numbers of new customer accounts have not taken into account projects already in process and deadlines intended for completion will be unrealistic. Brief staffing in a variety of departments has brought to mild the lack of overtime compensation intended for salaried staff who at this point are required job long hours simply to keep up with their very own workloads. Interaction between the Imaginative Services office and the Account Management department is non-existent and is creating tension at work. All of this has resulted in poor quality of work and customers are becoming significantly dissatisfied, and we are shedding accounts to the local competition.


1 . Add a salaried employee overtime, however, compensation intend to Phoenix Advertising’s policy manual and put into action it companywide.

2 . Revise policy intended for accepting fresh client assignments to include determining work in accordance to employee capacity and set realistic job deadlines at the beginning of each project.

3. Immediately hire new employees or perhaps transfer employees from other divisions of the firm to load the empty positions within the Roanoke branch.

4. Relocate the Innovative Services department closer to the Accounts Management department to be able to facilitate better communication and workflow between your departments.

5. Require the utilization of interoffice email or txt messaging to increase conversation between the departments.

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