Pedagogy of The Oppressed


Education and Oppression

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Paulo Freire’s “pedagogy of the oppressed” is a commitment to the oppressed individuals and uses the author’s activities when he educated adult Brazilians. The teacher-student relationship which the author uses as an example aims at showing just how colonizers cared for the colonized. Freire’s tips of teaching strategies come out obviously in the book to demonstrate the author’s success and contribution in discussing the advantages of the theory of education and the best ways to master as mentioned below.

Freire’s thought of the ideal education helps the group to learn the need for the theory of education. Countries and teachers need the theory to transform their particular education devices by eliminating the oppressive buildings that make instructors appear because colonizing the scholars. Also, the idea can help for making education, a practice of freedom. Freire suggests that education should result in equitable relationships that help teachers and students to find out from each other. Freire discourages banking in education that involves the professors oppressing pupils and managing their thinking. Educators need the theory of education to find out the interrelation of principles and the environment. By the actual interrelation among students, professors and environmental contexts, educators that be familiar with theory of education can use it to create pedagogies that aim at uncovering reality towards the learners.

Educators and policy-makers also need the theory of education to master the best way of designing pedagogies based on the scholars past experiences. Freire shows that teachers that are conversant together with the theory of education strive to refer to earlier times experiences from the learners when making learning goals. He protests the use of the previous pedagogies exactly where educators used their goals to teach pupils and proposes that new pedagogies needs to be designed following the involvement of the learners to ensure they do not feel oppressed. Freire’s idea of the idea of education is that it assists the teachers in adding unrelated articles in a way that pertains to the students’ experiences. The idea of education, as Freire suggests may help in creating the basis of dialogue between the students and teachers. Mcdougal asserts that dialogue should seek to re-humanize students by causing teachers develop love to get the students.

Concerning the proper way to learn, Freire suggests that learners learn well through participatory action and dialogue. The former entails finding solutions to complications by gathering data in the environment. In cases like this, the teacher involves students in making ideas about the problems in the community. Consequently, the teacher permits the learners to collect info from their colleagues and the environment, then present it to class for additional analysis. On the other hand, dialogue includes cultivating much deeper understanding among teachers and students as a means of generating understanding. Freire retains the view that teachers and students will need to relate as equals to guarantee success in learning. The publication discourages the concept dialogue should involve competition of concepts and claims that learning takes place when students and teachers discuss theories and experiences together with the aim of creating knowledge that may be used to generate activities.

Therefore , Freire’s publication succeeds in highlighting the importance of education theory as well as the best ways to learn. The author uses his activities as a tutor to build the discussion in a way that makes the reader understand the concept of pedagogy and how this relates to the idea of education. The author creates his quarrels in crystal clear, logical and coherent fashion that enables the audience to easily locate information.

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