Have you ever endured a fear that has haunted you for several years? In the your life of May well Thomas, it was true. May well had a anxiety about heights and roller coasters. He realized that he’d have to get over this dread. Joe was just like any other child growing up near Pittsburgh and visiting Kennywood Park for his class trip every year.

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One particular hot summer day, just south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a young young man named Later on Thomas was visiting Kennywood Park with his class during the class trip.

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Later on had a superb fear of tool coasters and heights. May well really wanted to ride the roller coasters so that he’d not come in fun of. He wasn’t able to ride the roller coasters though, as they was too scared. He especially was scared of the Steel Phantom. Joe may not ride some of the roller coasters at Kennywood.

Another year came and went and Joe even now was afraid of riding the roller coasters and had a real drag at Kennywood.

He was seventeen years old now and this was his class last trip to Kennywood before this individual graduated. He decided that he wished to ride the steel phantom and try to get over his fear. He stepped into line with his friends. His friends were very thrilled, but Paul was scared. Every step that he took towards the front of the roller coaster he became more and more scared.

After about twenty a few minutes he reached the front of the range.

He was sweating great heart was pounding speedily. The next roller coaster car opened up and he froze. This individual stopped completely still and was holding everyone up in the queue behind him. The more mature boy at the rear of Joe knocked him out of the way and everyone previous him with. Joe noticed that he had misplaced his chance and remaining Kennywood realizing that he had certainly not conquered his fear and was struggling to ride the steel phantom. He started to reduce confidence per se.

Twenty years afterwards, Joe had two small children and a lovely wife in his new residence just outside of Dallas, The state of texas. He was employed in a rewarding law firm if he got a call from Bob Gerry. Bob was one of his best friends by highschool. Greg was a employed in Pittsburgh for National Town Bank. He had three kids. He lived with his wife and kids in Mount Lebanon.

He wanted to meet with Later on and cope up on older times. They both had been excited to talk to each other and wanted to meet up with. Bob asked Joe in the event that he would prefer to meet by Kennywood Playground. Joe was not excited about going back to Kennywood, but he knew the fact that kids would have a good time. He agreed to fulfill.

The next day both the families meet up with together by Kennywood.

The two wives or girlfriends took the youngsters to the tours while Joe and Frank talked about the days. However the only part of Joes head was the metallic phantom. This individual really wanted to overcome the worry of painting tool coasters prior to he still left the recreation area. He informed Bob that he wanted to overcome this fear, and Bob got him towards the steel phantom. Joe was a little worried but was never going to back down these times. Joe and Bob climbed into the car.

Joes heart was pounding speedily just like ahead of. As the car climbed up the big hill Joe started to sweat increasingly more. The car suddenly stopped towards the top of the hill. Bob and Joe had been startled and were wanting to know what was taking place. The audio on the front side of the car came upon. The

announcer said that there was a malfunction with all the car and they would have to get free from the car and walk throughout the steps.

Joe was terrified because he knew the steps had been so high. He was very worried, but this individual carefully wandered down next to Bob. When he got down to underneath he knew that he previously accomplished the greatest feat in the life. He had conquered his fears of heights and rollercoasters.

Joe noticed that he can go on with his life knowing that.

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