Onecoin postpones again the launch of its platform

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Konstantin Ignatov, representative of the well-known OneCoin or OneLife pyramid system, has announced the establishment of the Global Leadership Group (GLG) of investors in Argentina, an initiative which has also affirmed that the OneCoin platform will never be ready right up until 2019.

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In an function led by Ignatov and held in Argentina, it was confirmed that the OneCoin platform will never be made public about October 8 as planned, but on an indefinite time for 2019. This is due to the fresh projects the fact that scheme statements to have in Latin America, which largely target Perú.

OneCoin has made a decision to launch a fresh Global Command Group (GLG) in Latin America, task management that makes certain that it will give individual investors with a relevant position inside the company. The group has also announced an Initial Currency Offer (ICO) in the region, which will include 4 periods of sale for some OFC points.

This new ICO is another level of electronic point sales within the pyramid scheme, since the OFC precedes the marketing of theOneCoin factors, which are the way of loans the start of a so-called token, in accordance to statements by the staff of the plan. In other words, these types of financing tools do not have any clear working or equivalence, beyond their monetary input to the OneCoin group as 2014 -the year where the first opportunities for the group began-.

Furthermore, it was likewise announced that this Initial Currency Offering was beginning it is first level on September 8. Yet , its last round is usually scheduled to finish on January 7, 2019, dates that confirm that the OneCoin currency will not be empowered.

Additionally , the event included in-depth information on the new details of the OneForex platforms, the companys training and education program, as well as social network improvements, auctions and a new search results for the online trading application, DealShaker.


As though that were insufficient, Ignatov not simply talked about the modern OneCoin commences, but as well about it is legal status worldwide. The representative stated that the research led by simply German authorities in early The spring 2017, which in turn generated a wave of frozen accounts associated with Onecoin, have not discovered anything wrong with OneCoin.

In addition, it claimed thatan IT group, whose term was not specified, had confirmed that OneCoin possessedall you will of a blockchain, evidence that was submitted by simply Ignatov in a document signed by the group.

A few Internet users believe OneCoins move to Latin America, and specifically to Argentina, is a result of a approach by the company to attract fresh investors in view of the collapse it experienced last year.

Due to the continuous investigations carried out against the group in Europe, through the government bodies of Indonesia and Laxa, sweden, numerous press have denounced that the task could be a pyramid scheme, joining the closure of accounts, alerts and demilitarization in Asia, led by Singapore and Cina. OneCoin a new considerable decline in its traders and monetary collapse in recent months.

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