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Once again, in the picture where William and Anna reach her hotel, he is literally stunned out seeing that Anna contains a boy friend whom suddenly visits her. Instead of creating a picture he silently withdraws from your place with composure. Those two instances show that William is a peaceful, steady and a levelheaded person who can be not very easily carried away by the sudden sway of emotions. This is a crucial quality intended for forging the case relationships. Connection is once again very essential to the success of a romantic relationship. Open and healthy conversation with the partner would avoid escalation and negative understanding. In the film we see that at least in two situations Anna hurts William’s feelings beneath unexpected instances. (When the Paparazzi encircle his residence and when her earlier boy friend suddenly shows up) However , she is speedy to apologize and make clear the unforeseen nature in the situation to William.

Additional important reason that highly suggests that the partnership between Anna and Jeff would survive is that they talk about a common situation of being let down by their prior partners. The thing is that it is not they who also broke their particular previous associations but their partners. They are both for a similar reason for life, reveal the same soreness of busted hearts, progressed and adult. Both Anna and Bill show enough maturity and do not rush in to sexual romantic relationship. William, such as does not try to exploit the circumstance when ever Anna tries refuge in his house. This is going to show that he provides a good personality and that he goodies his romance with admiration. The movie ends with the final scene showing Anna and William like a happily married few expecting all their first baby.


The majority of relationships usually burn out following the initial several months when the sights that blinded them quickly fades away. In any marriage there would be frictions and difficulty situations that arise out of no place. As Roiphe says the over dependency pertaining to intimacy and care on the part of one of the associates may weigh too much one the other side of the coin partner. Intended for relationships to achieve success couples must strike a balance among closeness and individuality. This is possible in the event the partners display understanding and therefore are willing to display some sacrifice. William’s character shows calmness, integrity and commitment. Ould -, for her component, though a little quick to react and fewer composed, (as most famous people are) is a sensitive woman who aspects others feelings and who is in search of real love. Watching the movie one provides the feeling that Anna and William take pleasure in each other genuinely and complement each other nicely, and so the relationship should stand up to the test of time.


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