Masai small town of kambi ya chooka

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Enjoy a culture filled day and make everlasting moments inside the village of Masia.

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Do you want to get to know the Masai and the unique life style and culture? Then consult us the Masai town of Kambi ya Chooka.

In contrast to many other Masai villages in the area, which has been built just for tourist functions, Kambi ya Chooka is definitely an authentic town founded by simply local Masai. We begin early the next day together with each of our English-speaking guidebook. The quest to the village takes about an hour or so. Just behind Moshi, we leave the asphalted street and carry on bumpy ski slopes. The path prospects past dried-up river mattresses and the mighty baobab trees, on the way we encounter the 1st Masai. We all visit a traditional Masai town and ask you therefore to become respectful guest.

The Masai are very open-minded and communicative, however , how much they open up for you also is determined by you and the social expertise. Our English-speaking guide can assist you and translate into Kimassai, while the Maasai themselves ordinarily do not speak The english language. Whilst you walk through the community with your guidebook, you have the opportunity to chat with the Masai and learn interesting facts about the culture as well as the traditional Maasai medicine. You are also asked to taste the local Maasai tea and you will have the opportunity to visit a Maasai house. In between there is a small snack.

After, your guide usually takes on a small hike into the bush, you choose to also acquire firewood for the evening. Down the road at the camp fire, you will be able listen to the exciting stories from the Maasai and admire the women at a conventional dance. Perhaps you are also asked to boogie, dont always be shy. On the subsequent evening meal we allow day end. You will camp overnight at a beautiful site near the village. We want to admiration the level of privacy of the Maasai and have consequently decided on this method.

Hotel is in straightforward but top quality tents. To ensure you do not have to do without ease and comfort, a camping bathroom with a tent is at your disposal. To get washing, there is also a bowl of water. Before you go to rest, you can for good weather conditions enjoy the fantastic starry bliss.

Another morning, there is certainly an early, although cozy breakfast. As soon as we all say goodbye to the villagers, we continue to the springs of Kikuletwa, which can be near the small town of Rundugai. The Kikuletwa Hot Springs are one amongst the most beautiful locations in Tanzania the hot springs are between fig and palm trees and winding beginnings a real invisible paradise. The crystal clear, tuiquoise color waters bring you for the refreshing swimming. Although known as hot early spring, water in Kikuletwa is usually not hot, but rather rejuvenating since the water source can be from the Kilimanjaro mountain itself. Most of the tourists arrive around noon, although we appear early each morning when it is even now quiet. Consequently , with some fortune we will spot the blue monkeys in the tree tops, just before they after dissapear in the bush.

After you have enjoyed your bath, it is time for the picnic. Inside the early afternoon we go back with a lots of impressions to Moshi. Make sure you bring your own sleeping bag within this tour. If you don’t have camping bag, we will certainly gladly supply you with a sleeping tote for a little extra impose (limited availability).

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