negotiation personal reflection essay


The discussion exercise practice assignment was most definitely an interesting one and it was an assignment We learned a whole lot from. This kind of negotiation practice was everything regarding a 4 bedroom residence with two bathrooms and two kitchen areas, which was advertised for $385, 000. Even though some parts of the negotiation were very interesting, other regions were incredibly frustrating, yet this was to get expected. To me, some my own biggest aggravation was coping with miscommunication. In the scheme of the negotiation, miscommunication is bound to happen, and for that reason, I find myself like in a few ways this kind of negotiation was very realistic.

For example , in the time negotiation, Retailer made the first contact of 3, eighty five, 000$. Nevertheless , the Buyer currently knew that seller bought this real estate two months before.

So , client asked vendor why this individual wanted to sell off the home, owner totally overlooked the question and started showing the features of the home. Buyer once again asked a similar question and i also noticed that seller got nervous, maybe he did not know what to say, whatsoever finally, seller told that he provides another property and having been selling this home since his wife thought that this kind of property is too big.

I skilled some miscommunication at that moment might be seller had not been prepared. Next buyer made the first call of 3, 55, 1000 and pointed out everything regarding taxes he had to spend and other expenditures and described that this individual cannot pay out that much. Therefore seller decreased the price to 3, 80, 500. After a few arguments purchaser offered to pay 3, seventy, 000 as long as seller will offer him three months to sell his old property.

I think it had been a technique of buyer, whatever after that seller decided 3, 77, 000 as long as buyer will certainly sign the document of lease and paper function and abruptly seller’s colleague wanted to talk to him so they went to talk about side and came back and said the cannot provide the house for 3, 77, 000 therefore they again increased the purchase price to 3, eighty, 000. This is very unusual and difficult, mainly because once they presented 3, seventy seven, 000 after sometime again increased the price, there was obvious confusion and frustration on the part, which will did make debate difficult.

Customer said to owner that this individual wanted to seal this package as soon as possible and it would also be good for owner as well because as soon as retailer would offer this home he can save money intended for mortgage and also other property taxes for next month. After that buyer mentioned regarding location of house that it was near the riv and there may be mosquitos and insects in summer but it will surely be hard to rent your house.

Buyer tried to convince vendor that there canbe risk of insects but it would not work and seller was keep providing him 377, 000. Therefore buyer asked seller in the event he can provide him better offer than 377000 then he can pay him right away. And so seller offered him a few, 76, 500 and then several, 75, 800 after a few arguments. Buyer asked seller if he can pay the house inspection charge of 500 and will provide him all the appliances as well. So seller agreed upon paying half of the property inspection fee and everything the appliances and the offer sealed about 3, 75, 600.

I think in the end, work as a crew helped bring about our achievement in the negotiation. The objective of the practice was going to simply demonstrate that settlement is a kind of settlement process where the parties to the negotiation make an effort to achieve all their respective goals by numerous means of powerful communication and strategy.

Negotiation personal reflection


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