Ethnicity and Culture in Disease Prevention Essay


Importance of dealing with race, racial, and culture when developing programs to get prevention of disease Name: Subject: Instructor: Date: The campaigns against diseases have a number of instances botched because of non-recognition of environmental, biological and behavioral factors while major determinants as of specific health.

In public health, three terms (ethnicity, race and culture) in many cases are used interchangeably. The setup of disease prevention courses in a community requires total knowledge of the health status of its associates. With this kind of regard, ethnic and ethnical categories typically define populations in a manner that can be meaningful with their health status (Nnakwe, 2009, p. 337). The concept of competition, ethnicity and culture plays a significant position in understand human tendencies.

Thus it really is rational to add the aspect of race, lifestyle and ethnicity a when making disease avoidance programs in communities. For example, designing a disease prevention system require the application of social environmental framework. The framework focuses on interactions among an individual’s physical, cultural and interpersonal setting and therefore it may be the sole necessary move around in a fight against disease in an ethnic group.

In cases like this, the knowledge in regards to a disease must not only be transferred but should also be cultivated thought expert support, supportive social norms and cultural values. Consider a case in which the government determines to put up a center for supply of free condoms at the core of the very traditional community as part of a program for prevention of HIV/Aids. Will certainly such a course receive support from the community? Of course quite a bit less this will be used as a breach of the community’s cultural ideals since it can result in moral decay among its members. Therefore cultural principles of a community must be dealt with and prevention programs should be aligned with those principles.

Health care providers have to train in cultural expertise in order to appreciate barriers and influence of culture and society upon health manners as well as the use of behavior alter tools that are culturally hypersensitive. Ethnicity /race may also have an effect on, directly or indirectly, the achievements of a disease avoidance program in a community, e.. ethnic beliefs about HV/Aids (Edelman & Mandle 2005, l. 48). As an example the risk of overweight starts in a person’s prenatal period. Race/ethnicity may possibly therefore affect the prevention of obesity since it influence the timing of pregnancy, number of pregnancies together with intervals among pregnancies.

In conclusion, the public health approach to prevention of disease need to into consideration tradition, race and ethnicity within a social environmental framework while an effort to sustaining an illness free society.

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