Native Americans in the United States and Cheyenne Essay

Region: By the time the Americans met the Cheyenne Indians they were living on the Great Plains of South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas.

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The U. T. government required the Cheyenne’s to move to Oklahoma through the 1800’s that this Cheyenne’s named “The Trail of Tears”. Some Cheyenne Indians steered clear of to the North into Montana. Today there are two Cheyenne tribes, one out of Oklahoma as well as the other in Montana. Homes: Originally the Cheyenne’s occupied villages of earthen lodges and Birch bark “wigwams”. As they started to be Nomadic they will used buffalo-hide to build residences called “Tee Pee”.

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That they used the Tee Pee’s because they could set up and break up and were easy to carry thus they could follow the zoysia herds. Foodstuff:. The Cheyenne were maqui berry farmers in the beginning, the ladies harvested corn, squash and beans while the men sought after deer and buffalo.

They mostly threw in the towel farming and followed the buffalo’s as they moved across the Plains. Besides Buffalo various meats the Cheyenne liked fish, fruit, all types of berries and hammer toe that they purchased from other people. Language: The Cheyenne buchstabenfolge contains simply fourteen (14) letters that can be combined to create words and phrases.

Today the U. S. federal government is attempting to convert the Cheyenne to a English only speaking tribe. The Cheyenne are trying to retain their language alive. Tradition: Before the sunlight rose, the Cheyenne get started preparing for your day. The initially task during was to create a fire.

The Cheyenne females got water from the close by stream. Mainly because it dawned the women made the morning meal even though the boys herded the horse back into camp. The women educated the young girls the traditions and the guys taught the young boys.

Many men hunted game to provide the camp with foodstuff. As time turned into night time, the Cheyenne people ready for overnight time meal. This was the liveliest event through the day in which music, dancing and various other activities took place. After a few hours, the camp became silent since people completed for evening.

An important Cheyenne custom is definitely the smoking of the peace water pipe. There are tight rules during the smoking with the pipe. A prayer exists before the 1st smoke. Most men have their individual specific approach to smoke cigarettes the tranquility pipe.

Another tradition with the Cheyenne is definitely storytelling, which can only be made by certain persons. These tales are often related.

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