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JL can be described as 30-year-old light male, single client. JL lives in Covington, KY, for 101 Main St . with his mother. They attend the local Catholic parish down the prevent most Weekends. He has lived there with his mother 3 months seeing that his release from penitentiary, where he dished up 10 a few months for losung violation (drug possession). This individual lives in the garage at the rear of the house and does not share the main house with his mother. He has access in and out with the garage throughout the rear in the property. The garage is usually fixed up using a bathroom, kitchen, bed and TV and serves as a self-contained device. JL was brought to Entrance by his older sister. JL is youthful in appearance though having a thin facial beard and semi-hollow cheeks. This individual appears to be adhering to standard health. JL has not been making a court-mandated presence but rather reached the encouragement of his family and mainly his sis to receive treatment.


JLs primary medicines of choice will be heroin and opioids with fentanyl being utilized more frequently in recent months. JL previous used 11/14/2018 and since his parole about 8/15/2018 this individual has been employing consistently weekly. JL is definitely not at present employed and he uses about $22.99 to one-hundred dollar per week employing fentanyl and other opioids, and heroin sometimes. His cash flow comes from providing drugs for the friend and also through unusual jobs for his mom, who gives him a little allowance, and delivering meals through DoorDash. JL has become using prescription drugs since having been 15. Using the smoking pot at that time after which began snorting heroin and has since moved to fentanyl.

JL eats alcohol daily, drinking 1-2 beers each day and consuming 1-2 bottles of rum per week. JL has been having since having been 17. He has been caught twice to get driving under the influence of alcohol. He has been caught thrice for drug make use of and ownership. JL provides a diagnosis of substance abuse, alcohol dependence and opioid dependence.


JL has been in the hospital six times for medication usethrice pertaining to heroin overdose, twice from fentanyl overdose, and once coming from alcohol-opiates motor vehicle accident. His last hospitalization was two weeks in the past and prior to that it was a month prior, a month following his release via a manipulated environment (prison). JL would not have any kind of chronic medical problems and it is not acquiring any medication for major depression or any various other mental physical health issues. He does not get a pension intended for anything and has never held down a critical job for many months at a time because of his drug craving. He includes a persistent cough but have not had it checked out by a medical professional and consider it essential. JL features checked into substance abuse treatment centers five times during the past and each the been court-mandated. JL last attended a 12-step program 2 years previous in May 2016 but just lasted in the program for one month.


JL completed senior high school but by no means attended advanced schooling. He accomplished high school via the technical vocation curriculum and focused on mechanics. He did side careers fixing cars in the past nevertheless has never proved helpful under a certified mechanic. His sister says that he could be good with cars although JL would not express much confidence or perhaps enthusiasm with this skill and only shrugs his shoulders launched mentioned, providing a faint laugh.

JL is able to drive himself around using an old car that this individual fixed up and that allows him to make DoorDash deliveries. He says that this individual prefers this approach of work since it gives him flexibility plus the ability to operate when he wishes. If he has a hard night or perhaps long day or one of his friends needs him, he seems like he must be able to leave and go support them. His friends, nevertheless , all work with drugs and he says this individual likes them as they are encouraging and he feels he should be supportive of them too.

His main friend is known as Clarence and he is as well his primary drug supplier; and JLs recent hospitalization two months in the past was the result of an outing with this kind of friend that started off as being a show of support and ended up with JL exceeded out and unresponsive. His friend called the paramedics after departing JL in a car plus the paramedics salvaged his life. His good friend had been raise red flags to about his wifes fatality from overdose. JL visited console him and together they acquired high.

His family would not like Clarence and does not desire JL to visit or discover or talk to Clarence any more, but JL does not include any other friends. The sis of JLs brother-in-law is usually a recovering heroin should be and shows support for JL in recent weeks, nevertheless a counselor advised the family against supporting such a romantic relationship because, so the counselor stated (so it was related) in the event the two of them who will be struggling with all their addictions would have been to blow up they would be more serious off than they were ahead of; the counselor said JL needs to defeat his addiction on his own before he goes in into an additional relationship which has a woman. The counselor had not been certified or perhaps trained, it was revealed, but was rather a recovering medication addict himself, 12 years sober, who individuals the state in supporting families of addicts in the hospitals and getting all of them work. This individual offered to obtain JL a full-time work that would be 30 minutes from where he lived, although JL dropped saying he did not desire to drive that far to work every single day.

JL was engaged into a girl when he was twenty four but the romantic relationship ended after having a series of arguements that finished in the woman calling the authorities on JL one night when JL was intoxicated and the deal with turned into an actual altercation. The ex-fiance obtained a restraining order against JL. He previously one significant relationship following that and his sister and mother both thought he’d marry her but JL began having again and another circular of combats put an end to that relationship as well.

The family likes Sara, the recovering heroin has to be who is the sister of JLs brother-in-law (JLs sisters sister-in-law), nonetheless they feel that the counselor is correct and that JL needs to deal with his habit issues on his own. Thus, JL has a support network that is somewhat unstable and unreliable. The family is protecting of JL but not entirely helpful. Their particular impulses are contradictory: the mother allows JL by giving him a place to stay and an allowance and wants him to increase out of his ways but simultaneously prevents him from getting into a serious relationship with Sara by sharing with Sara it might be best in the event she would not come around. At the same time the family would like JL to formulate a better close acquaintances but will not know how to attempt or the way to get JL fresh friends.


JL has not been cured for any shock or for virtually any psychiatric/psychological issues. He has become arrested 2 times for household disturbancesonce when ever his fiancé called law enforcement and once once his mom called the authorities following a menace of physical violence from JL when your woman refused to return his cellphone after his first hospitalization in March 2018 following his release from jail the month before.

JL has not been clinically determined to have any type of major depression or bi-polar disorder, though there may be a celebration to investigate his explosive rage, which seems to have become an issue for him in recent years. JL admits that he would not handle anger well which explains why he tries to avoid persons and conditions that will make him angry. This is exactly why, he says, this individual prefers his friends who also are medication addictsbecause they are relaxed and put him comfortable. They do not challenge him or perhaps threaten him or make him think uneasy regarding himself or perhaps his lifestyle. That is why he admits that he likes themthat and he loves using drugs.


JL is concerned regarding his health he says nevertheless he says he can not sure he wants to end up being sober as they has never been in a position to handle that and every period he endeavors he ends up getting angry with himself and his existence and dropping even harder than before. He admits that he would like he may just level and stay even-keeled, not dropping any kind of higher or perhaps lower, and simply existing with this one plainand that would be perfectly with him. He says he’d not head having a relatives but that providing to them would be a challenge as he simply cannot obtain job (though the moment work was offered him he switched it down), so

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