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Hardly any organization nowadays will survive with no presence on the web. Aside from the required website that provides information on the corporation, most have engaged in digital commerce or perhaps e-commerce whereby goods and services may be transacted (ordering, processing, payment, payment, shipping, etc . ) online. For small to medium business corporations developing a great e-commerce site may start away small and gradually develop with more facilities and functionalities. A bike store as an example in the local neighborhood has due to the target market a restricted geographical location thus the e-commerce web page can provide first towards the local industry. But set up business is definitely small or perhaps starting-up, “developing a business online requires most of the same main activities as starting some other business and the basic business planning continue to be needed (McNamara, 2009). “

The initial Internet business model for a local neighborhood bike retail store is an informational web page that features the particular store and the company is providing (About Us) in terms of both equally goods (i. e. motorcycles, parts, accessories) and companies (i. electronic. custom building, repair, set up, maintenance). This could comprise of a couple of web pages yet critical amidst these is a “sales catalog containing photos (and prices) of its products and solutions. By adding the material on the net, the company salvaged a great deal of money and time: it no longer had to send out a new catalogue every time there was clearly a change in product line or perhaps price. (Andrews Nast, 2000)” Thus, preliminary sales and marketing can be done and if consumers are interested in particular items or services, they will go to the Remarks or Dialogue web page for making inquiries or perhaps place a great order. The or Conversation web page can be linked to a message account with the business owner where responses could be provided towards the customers.

Considering that the business is merely starting-up, financial electronic orders can be foregone at a later date when business is usually picking up or maybe the website can avail of the services of third-party economic transaction providers such as PayPal to assist in online obligations. These service providers will assist event the small organization in creating secure digital financial orders at varying costs with respect to the needs and requirements

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