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Recently I`ve read a very interesting book that impressed me personally greatly. It was the new by Sentira Kryzhanovskaya “Hellish charms”.

Russian writer and spiritualist Observara Kryzhanovskaya was the first female writer of science fictional in the world, and the first specialist science fictional writer in Russia. The girl was born June 2, 1857. Her Daddy was by an old rspectable family of the Tambov Region.

In the eighties and 90s she occupied Western The european union. Since childhood Kryzhanovskaya was interested in old history and the occult, she even performed as a medium at periods. Kryzhanovskaya`s Partner was a recognized spiritualist S. V. Semenov.

Following the spiritualists` tradition, Kryzhanovskaya stated that her books had been influenced by the soul of British poet John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, who presumed that a spirit stayed in the world even after death. She wrote in French and then her functions were translated into Russian. The main concept of the her books is the struggle of the divine and satanic forces, the dependence of man`s concealed forces and the forces of universe, the secrets from the primordial matter … Reincarnation`s consciousness` and soul`s secrets, the writer has already disclosed in the traditional novels (“The Queen Hatasu”, for example). “Hellish charms” is one of the novels, where the routine of bewitching is described. The subject reveals the primary theme and idea of the novel.

The storyline is about a girl who wished to marry the man with chance and because of it she needed to resort to dark magic. It is about love, sins and mistakes, regarding forgiveness. The book electrifies the reader, magical experiences and psychology tend not to give an opportunity to relax. The moral with the story is usually represented extremely clearly: you are able to not build your happiness within the misfortune of others, regardless of various other people’s desires.

Each performed sin might be the first step upon way to hell, rather than everybody can turn down from that highway. The book is crafted in a very straightforward way, the sentences are mainly short, with no large classes and nominative constructions. The author worries regarding every character and describes all their sufferings and other feelings very brightly. The main personas are: The storyplot took place in Russia inside the 18th 100 years.

A young female Kira Nagorskaya who received used to high-class, after operating through her father`s bundle of money, decided to get married to someone didn`t matter young or old, fabulous or ugly, tall or short, somebody who was able to provide her a social position and riches. But eventually in a residence of one of her old friends your woman got knowledgeable about Alexey Basargin a young guy, who has currently worked in Ministry. The lady liked him and even thought not to be a cheater on him, at least for a while, if they would get married to.

Alexey started to be a recurrent guest in Kira`s place and the lady was ready to celebrate the victory nevertheless suddenly this individual disappeared. There are rumors that he was likely to marry an additional girl, Kira felt miserable and irritated. She couldn`t believe that.

Than the lady got to know about an old female, a witch called Maleynen, and decided to ask her for support. But this decision took an unexpected turn for her. Basargin built her a proposal and she wedded him. For the duration of time the lady began to think disgust and irritation to him.

She also fell in love with Alexey`s closest friend Marquise Kervadek but tried to hid? her feelings. The lady knew that if she’d like to divorce with Basargin, the charms would make him kill her. She couldn`t fight against her thoughts and visited Maleynen once again to destroy the initially spell.

However it has worked oddly and Alexey perished great spirit began to pursue Kira. Kervadek and Kira try to look for the solution, Marquise takes Kira away to Germany, Italy, France nevertheless the ghost chases them. At least that they find the person called Shepsu, the only one who are able to save her. He was a new Circassian, who have lived alone in a huge batch hut inside the Caucasus. Having held all of the rituals Shepsu was able to overcome the evil spirit of Basargin.

At last the curse was ruined. To conclude, I personally want to advise this kind of novel and not merely this one nevertheless the others also. In my opinion it had been one of the best books I`ve at any time read, it is plot provides swallowed me completely.

Most of all I loved it`s meaningful: Love can neither come nor sold.

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