It became a serious problem that the elderly indigenes of the area had to weep out for support so that their very own innocent young ones would not be taught the brand new way of life. It truly is true that we now have many people in Nigeria that are nonetheless holding to the moral normal of their tradition. But in a rustic where a lot of people migrate everyday from their tribe and traditions to other people’s culture intended for reasons like admission in higher organizations of learning, youth services, employment, etc; it becomes imperative to consider and treat cohabitation as being a very serious abnormality.


The Ekpeye tribe, one of the numerous tribes in Waterways state of Nigeria is definitely a good example of the people that are now involved in cohabitation. Working among the Ekpeye young ones, one will quickly realize a high rate of premarital sexual marriage among the youth adults. Many of these youths cohabiting with one another are not unbelievers; many lovers in the local churches are not married, at least according to the customary law.

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Majority of these kinds of young people came together as a result of premarital sexual human relationships which ended in unwanted being pregnant.

Sad enough, many of these individuals are church associates serving in a single capacity or another; in fact , there are pastors included in this. It has become the order during, a common factor that goes in from one town to the other. Majority of these types of youths, which include Christians enter it while using knowledge of their parents and community commanders. This is gradually becoming a significant temptation to many Christian young ones who want to uphold the standard of God intended for marriage and stay loyal to relationship vows. Itis also standing up as a barrier to evangelize those outside of the church.

This research paper is focused with this people group with the purpose of understanding their marital life custom, just how cohabitation received access into the culture, the way in which cohabitation can be practiced as well as the effects that cohabitation has on the cohabiting families and the church. Ekpeye Tribe and Its Marriage Custom Ekpeye tribe is one of the local tribes in Rivers state. Ekpeye tribe as seen in the map is in Ahoada East and Ahoada Western local government areas in Rivers state. There are four traditional groups in Ekpeye kingdom. They are Akoh, Ubie, Upata and Igbuduya. 8 The main occupations of Ekpeye classic society will be farming, hunting and sportfishing.

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