With Communism finally thought of as discredited, the US presumed that it can finally suppose sole prominence of global political and economic affairs. America was incorrect, as The reds was replaced with a new foe – terrorism.

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The nineties saw the emergence of Islamic terrorist groups, all of these have a single-minded goal to eliminate the US. These terrorist companies justify their particular actions by arguing that it must be their obligation as good Muslims to salary a battle against most enemies of Islam (Halliday, 2003). Beginnings of the “Jihad” Most Islamic terrorist organizations came from Third World countries, where poverty and government corruption are rampant. Furthermore, many the countries from which these terrorist groupings originated happen to be governed by pro-US regimes.

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In exchange intended for unlimited usage of the unprocessed trash of their respective countries, the united states would scholarhip them politics, economic and military assistance. The aforementioned scenario is good to the rise of Islamic terrorist companies. Impoverished and desperate, various Muslims in the Third World locate solace via these teams, who offer them overly simplified explanations for his or her destitute state. Leaders of Islamic terrorist organizations usually brainwash neophytes into assuming that the US is responsible for the political, financial and interpersonal ills inside their country. Hence, as good Muslims, they must battle the US actually at the cost of their extremely lives.

The, on the other hand, could protect by itself by askin lackey routines to “fight terrorism” simply by crushing these types of groups, typically at the charge of detrimental rights and liberties of their constituents (Palmer and Palmer, 2004). References Halliday, Farreneheit. (2003). Islam and the Fantasy of Conflict: Religion and Politics in the Middle East (2nd ed. ). London: My spouse and i. B. Tauris. Palmer, Meters., & Palmer, P. (2004). At the Heart of Terror: Islam, Jihadists, and America’s War on Terrorism.

Ny: Rowman and Littlefield.

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