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Hisyam: Assalamualaikum and Hello everybody. Welcome to ‘Teen Talk’. I’m your host, Mohd. Hisyamuddin. First and foremost thanks for going to everyone. The Topic today is definitely Air Pollution, here to talk about is definitely a young and good looking environmental scientist at the School of Malaya, Dr . Hamiddey Esa. Good morning and pleasant, Dr . Hamiddey.


Dr . They would: Good morning Hisyam.

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Hisyam: Shall we start now Doctor?

Dr . H: Yes, why not.

Hisyam: Alright. My first question, what is air pollution and what causes it? Doctor

H: Well, Hisyam, air pollution means that there is something up that we don’t want. As you know, the air we all breathe previously contains a number of gases such as oxygen, co2, nitrogen as well as other gases. The problem of air pollution comes when unwanted chemicals chemicals are produced into the air flow. Hisyam: Unnecessary chemicals, Doctor? Can you give me an example? Dr . H: Very well ozone is usually one example. Ozone is a poisonous gas that may cause difficulty in breathing.

It is extremely bad for breathing difficulties patients.

Hisyam: These unwanted chemicals in the air. I suppose you may call them pollutants. Doctor H: Certainly, pollutants, because they dirty the air.

Hisyam: Where do these types of pollutants originate from?

Dr . H: Typically from automobile exhaust, factories and electric power stations. Hisyam: Wow, suppose everyone. My own little car also pollutes the air. Doctor H: Certainly, in fact vehicles are the worst source of pollution because there are numerous of them.

Hisyam: ( Laughing) Look like I should use bi-cycle after this. Dr . H: Yes, that’s a wise decision Hisyam.

Hisyam: Ok Doctor, I will go on to buy bike after this. My own next issue, besides providing us difficulty in breathing what are the other effects of air pollution? Doctor H: Very well, people who are confronted with very contaminated air can produce heart disease and lung cancer.

Hisyam: Gee, that seems awful. How about the environment, Doctor? How does air pollution affect this?

Doctor H: Very well, air pollution causes acid rainwater.

Hisyam: Oh, and so acid rainfall is due to air pollution.

Dr . L: Absolutely. Air pollution also plays a role in global warming and harms the ozone layer in the atmosphere by making this thinner.

Hisyam: Air pollution sounds like a significant problem.

Dr . L: Yes it is usually.

Hisyam: Well, that’s all intended for today. Thank you again to the guest Doctor Hamiddey. Help you all in our next theme. Taraaa.


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