human being condition dissertation essay


The human condition is a term which references our complicated presence by showcasing our ongoing ability to conform and change both equally our awareness and principles. Through each of our mental capabilities of the two creativity and imagination, mankind is able to acquire a sense of both self-actualisation and freedom, resulting in these people acting because the main of our existence where, without one we would become susceptible to the overwhelming flaws of the individual condition.

Evidencing this will be the three texts, ‘Dejection: an Ode’, ‘This Lime Woods Bower my Prison’ and ‘Focus’, which in turn Samuel Coleridge’s “Dejection: a great Ode,  is a poem describing a man’s anguish as he tries to conquer his blue state resulting from the loss of a loving relationship.

The poem illustrates the importance of creativity within just humanity through the persona’s struggle to maintain wondrous after the loss of such ability, presenting the fact that with out creativity, we might become susceptible to the unfavorable aspects of the world.

Beginning the poem employing pathetic argument, Coleridge relates the persona’s reality for the growing surprise, which through describing the “dull pain received via his damage, highlights the duality present within our thoughts, and hence the idea that we have the cabability to experience both equally love just as much as we perform despair. The poet once again reinforces our vulnerability to reality through a metaphor to spell out how this “coils about my mind,  presenting the truth that without hope and optimism, reality can slow down our creativity.

Describing that he was created with a “shaping spirit of imagination,  the persona alludes towards the idea that humankind maintains to be able to bring about their own happiness, which will as a whole, demonstrates to the audience that life can simply ever always be worth living when we possess found our very own contentment and joy, since encountered simply through each of our imaginative pursuits.

As the poem proves, the importance of maintaining delight is reiterated as the persona wants his fan to rejoice, asking for delight to become the “eddying of her living soul,  which again expresses the idea of inner satisfaction, which sometimes can only be seen through creativity, as the core from the human lifestyle. Coleridge’s ‘This Lime Forest Bower My own Prison’, is known as a poem conveying a mans changing sights as he contemplates the natural word which will he has been prevented via seeing.

Coleridge’s poem illustrates the ability of people to modify their very own morals and values upon receiving a cathartic release off their relationship with nature, since predicated practically entirely for the imagination. Through allowing the persona to visualise the encounters his friends decide to make with nature along their very own journey, Coleridge first illustrates the capacities of the imagination in allowing us to picture things in certain details, as proven through “now my friends arise,  which all exemplifies the presence of thoughts in our marriage with nature.

Furthermore, the description of their journey illustrates the liberation received from engaging with nature, because shown in which they “wander in gladness,  which usually relates to the cathartic discharge obtained from looking at nature that pushes all of us to reflect on our tips and awareness.

By displaying his continuous change in tone, the effect of the persona’s imagination is usually shown, which usually when jointly with his affirmation of “yes!  shows our psychological capabilities in the event becoming engulfed in our imaginations of nature. Also, employing to allow the persona of talking in a alarmist tone, the poet can again explicitly demonstrate his overwhelming thoughts from picturing various landscapes, as noticed in the dingdong “silent with swimming feeling,  which in turn further reveals nature’s capability to liberate our senses.

Likewise, Coleridge’s conclusion to the composition, which involves a reflection of the persona’s realisations as he contemplated the sweetness around him, provides a retrospective view of experience and what this individual “henceforth shall know,  which in the end reveals humanity’s capabilities to both adapt and change their particular morals and values through perceiving new ideas and perceptions. Ari Kruger’s ‘Focus, ‘ is known as a 2011 video clip depicting the changing awareness of a child as he goes in and manages to lose a romantic relationship.

The film portrays the inevitable presence of faults within the individual existence, when simultaneously identifying the normal beauties which can be still present. The concept of within decipher things beyond numerous is first received by Kruger’s choice to film in black and white, which in association to the man’s struggle to continue to see the confident traits of his spouse, highlights humanity’s inability to, at times, observe beyond the realm of ‘black and white’ thus recognise the more ‘colourful’ elements.

The man’s growing loss of sight over the beauties of his relationship as a result of an un-named flaw can be successfully presented through the use of camera focus to gradually obnubilate the young girl till she is eventually unrecognisable, which mirrors the effects of choosing to target singularly around the imperfections of humanity and overlook the positive attributes. In the shot where the girl appears grumpily along as he uses his computer, these devices is seen as a metaphor for the technological advancements or barriers that have hindered his appreciation of most things natural, namely the positive traits of his partner.

Parallels with this can be found within Coleridge’s ‘This Lime Tree Bower My Jail, ‘ the place that the persona is usually blinded via feeling beauty of nature by his bitterness, describing just how it had ‘dimmed mine eye. ‘ The superiority of those who have recognise both beauties and flaws of humanity is seen through the larger positioning of the girl around the bed because the man rests on the floor, even more highlighting the value for yourself to similarly do so.

Through creating a seite an seite between the start and end of their relationship, Kruger demonstrates that in spite of the melancholy hues of the previous scenes, the man has now attained liberation by realising his own drawback as the top of their discord, which while shown throughout the repetition of non-diegetic music, allows us to realize the cathartic release we are able to only achieve from identifying the dichotomised attributes of humanity.

Although it is usually complex, the human condition may be simplified into several important aspects that act as the core of our existence, while outlined in the above texts. It can be seen that through creativity and imagination, humankind is able to reach a sense of self-actualisation which allows those to realise the fundamental flaws with their existence without overlooking the natural beauty.


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