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Particular Purpose: At the conclusion of my personal speech, the group will be able to take the appropriate steps to ensure that they and their loved ones are using online communities to their total advantage. Central Idea: Period is cash and a huge aspect in existence which we all cannot rewind so we should use it wisely and effectively especially in relation to the period spent on social networking sites to have a positive impact on existence. Introduction: In line with the Nielsen Organization survey in August 2009 social networking and blogging sites accounted for 17% (about one out of every six minutes) of them all spent on the web.

That figure is 3 years old, as of today that percentage has grown rapidly as a result of almost one particular billion members on Facebook . com alone, when Twitter is growing at an increasing rate.

Inside the wise words of the superb Jim Morrison “Whoever regulates the press, controls your brain,  are exceedingly valid since everything we talk about within our daily lives has been motivated by somebody else whether it be examining a magazine, listening to the radio, or watching tv.

In the ensuing short while I will be discussing the positives, and negatives of social networking although also the way you can combine the benefits in to our lives to create social networking an enormous advantage within our lives.

Body system:

I. Down sides of Social Networking

A. Privacy Concerns

1) Stalkers and complete strangers may view your pictures and information including telephone number, current email address, and also residing location.

2) Hackers can easily hack into one’s account gain important and personal info which can bring about identity thievery and scams.

B. Could Lead to Bad Popularity

1) Your Facebook or Twitter account is the importance of both you and a digital webpage which represents you, when someone content information or perhaps other improper comments on your page that leads to awful reputation.

2) The consequences of a bad reputation online could lead to hard time obtaining ajob or perhaps being terminated by your current employer. C. Makes Human relationships Impersonal

1) Any romantic relationship you have could be family and sweetheart or sweetheart is influenced by social networking sites.

2) Digital Interaction is replacing personal communication because our company is messaging one another or communicating one another rather than face to face interactions or cellphone conversations.

3) Digital Connection is gregario and over time lowers the standard of the relationship.


1) Social Networking leads to procrastination and being useless.

2) Online communities take away period from the more important things in life and in fact and therefore pieces you back scheduled exercises and desired goals.

II. Benefits of Social Networking

A. Allows to Reconnect with Family and Friends

1) Eases communication with anyone worldwide.

M. Allows person to share their thoughts and Opinions

1) Simply by posting statuses and blogposts you are spreading your opinions and thoughts.

2) Online communities allow you to know more about people that have a number of similarities with you and your hobbies.

C. Enables increased Business opportunities and helps the business enterprise advertise.

M. Eases of Communication

1) You can pass on knowledge and information to millions of members on online communities easily and conveniently.

III. How to make Social media beneficial for yourself

A. Put a time limit on how very long you will be using any social networking site so that it allows you to connect but will not lead to unproductivity and stupidity.

B. Be sure to set your profile upon private so it can only always be viewed by simply friends you have accepted but not complete other people.

C. Tend not to put any kind of private information around the internet.



Thus today, we looked at the disadvantages and advantages of social networking while as well learning about the way you can make social media beneficial for all of us. We are a brand new generation obsessed with technology and spend a lot time for the internet so it is our responsibility to use it wisely and knowledgably. “The Way of the World Can be Meeting People Through Others,  which is why social networking is known as a positive and effective element in our lives.


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