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s Crucible EssaysArthur Millers perform, The Crucible, is about the persecution of persons inaccurately accused to be witches in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692. Many persons die in the village after having a series of is situated and unjust practices. Abigail Williams, after having had a great affair using a married gentleman, begins this kind of cycle of lies and accusations so that they can get her lover again.

Her character involves both brilliance and animosity throughout the play.

Miller shows Abigails superiority as complex right from the start. When each of the talk about witchcraft troubles her uncle, Abigail thinks the lady should be the specialist. When she says, Uncle, the rumor of witchcraft is focused on, I think youd best drop and deny it your self, (9) she actually is showing her familiarity with social situations and offering her granddad, who is much older the she, tips.

Abigail also thinks of herself as better than the local people of Barbados. When her uncle talks about her be employed by the Proctors, she says that they can want slaves, not such as I. Be sure to let them send to Barbados for any of them! (12). She is prejudiced against these people and her remarks expose her snobbishness.

Finally, Abigails snobbish character is usually apparent through her statements to Steve Proctor about his wife Elizabeth. She says, Oh, My spouse and i marval how such a very good man could be with this kind of a sickly wife (23). Abigail certainly thinks highly of herself: she is worth Proctors take pleasure in, but Elizabeth is certainly not. Abigail shows a character of superiority by simply her authoritative, prejudiced, and snobbish feedback.

Abigail Williams also displays a trace of resentment in the enjoy. When Mary Warren déclaration that the witchcraft is only imagine, Abigail is definitely angry. Your woman accuses Jane of being a witch, also. Abigails bitterness of her friends betrayel causes her to seek revenge.

After Abigails brief affair with John Proctor, she can not accept the very fact that the marriage has ended. States, I search for John Proctor that required from my personal sleep and set knowledge inside my heart!

You loved me John Proctor, and whatsoever sin it can be, you love me personally yet! (24). This paralyzing desparation causes her to latest both Proctor and his wife. The animosity leads to vengeance when your woman accuses Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft. Her resentment deepens when Proctor tells the court of the affair.

Abigails animosity is obvious through her words and her actions.

Authur Millers development of Abigail Williams character in The Crucible significantly affects the plot of the play. Her snobbishness and superiority produce many persons believe her lies. Her resentment toward those that betray her influences many of her decisions.

The authoritative, deceitful character of Abigail Williams is undoubtedly unforgettable.

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