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Excerpt coming from Business Plan:

Business Plan pertaining to Tailoring Workshop Company: A Tailor Store on Wheels

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This business plan is made for the Dressmaker Workshop Organization (hereinafter alternatively “the company”), a mobile phone tailor go shopping for men outfits that will possess a Web site and a cellular app obtainable through the Apple Store. The business will concentrate on tailoring men’s suits only. Customers can contact their particular personal customize through the industry’s Web site or via the mobile phone app, but there will be not any physical brick-and-mortar facilities or retail outlet. Buyers will be able to build a free online account that enables them to explore every fabric selections and design and style collections so they can select the mixtures that most appeal to these people. The portable app and Web site is going to facilitate improvements so that consumers can instantaneously visualize the results of their choices. Additionally to using the company’s offered designs, clients will also be able to create their own custom designs using the Net site’s building tool. Likewise, customers can upload pictures, narrative information of pages from competitors’ catalogs plus the designs could be created to their satisfaction.

Following the formalization from the final design, customers will certainly schedule appointments for their personal tailor to go to them in their home, workplace or other place of comfort for measurements. Customers can track the progress with their order employing their account with all the company’s Web site or portable app and they’ll receive regular updates about the final delivery date and time. Customers will be able to shell out through the industry’s Web site or perhaps during the measurements appointment. Every tailoring job will be performed in the homes of the company’s principals or in commercial space rented for this purpose. After finishing the order, the organization will deliver the finished matches to customers and ensure an appropriate fitting. Once the company has generated a solid standing for reliability, quality and customer service, the operation may be expanded to cover the rest of the state and eventually the whole nation using the methods and strategies outlined below.


The day-to-day management with the company could be the responsibility from the owner nevertheless two non-public investors will even have a voice inside the long-term proper planning for the company. This approach is highly congruent while using guidance provided by Thomas (2009) who stresses that inside the tailor sector, “A small , privately held company in an industry filled with business takeovers and IPOs allows [a] organization to maintain close, solid relations with its clients and to remain free to produce quick organization decisions once needed” (p. 46). Suitable software including Tailor Expert will be executed in order to assist in the managing of the tailor shop, like the automated planning of administration reports, products on hand, payroll and tax documents. The Tailor Master app will also offer human resource management features as mentioned further beneath.

Human resources

Apart from the owner that is an experienced tailor, the envisioned tailor shop will also make use of two a lot of the time tailors and two or perhaps administrative support staff that will be responsible for all social media marketing which include responding to on-line customer feedback. Pertaining to the matches, the company can recruit people who are skilled for crafting initial designs along with being knowledgeable at making alternations to better fit specific body types (Tailor job information, 2014). Other characteristics that will be sought in the company’s in tailors include the capability to make accurate measurements, present recommendations for suit sizes to customers based upon those measurements, drawing habits, operating a stitching machine and working with a needle and thread (Tailor career information, 2014). Additionally , the company’s custom force is likewise required to interact with customers in a salesperson capacity (Tailor job information, 2014). The U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) ( there are no formal degree requirements to become a professional tailor although candidates having a college degree will probably be assigned employing preferences, individuals with education and knowledge in marketing, as mentioned further below.


The company will focus on using social media networks as its principal marketing equipment. According to the definition provided by Hensel and Deis (2012, s. 87), “Social media can be described as type of on-line media that expedites chat as opposed to traditional media, which usually delivers content material but does not allow readers/viewers/listeners to be involved in the creation or development of the content” (2012, s. 87). A few wide range of popular social media networks presently, including the many popular Facebook, as well as YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Linkedln, MySpace and many more (Hensel Deis, 2012).

The results of the very most recent (2013) Social Brands 100 rankings survey decided that the best-performing small businesses happen to be those that have a social media network presence on multiple websites, including Tweets, Facebook and YouTube (Social brands 95, 2013). Without a doubt, all of the top-performing small retailers maintain a Facebook presence, while almost all (99%) can also be on Facebook and 94% have a YouTube existence (Social brands 100, 2013). These main social media networks were followed by Google+ and Pinterest which are used simply by 60% of small businesses, with Instagram and Foursquare being used by smaller numbers (Social brands 90, 2013).

A quick description of some of the most well-known social media networks in provided in Table 1 below.

Table 1

Current popular networking communities

Social Media Network



By far the most well-liked social media network today, this kind of social media network is for yourself operated and is ranked as the most used social network worldwide. Simply by May 2010, Google announced that more people were visiting Facebook than any other Web site on the globe. As of March 31, 2013, about 500 million people were members of the social media network and fully half of these kinds of members employ their Fb accounts daily (How a large number of people make use of Facebook 2014).


Founded in june 2006, YouTube is the world’s many popular on-line video community, where millions of people discover, watch and share originally-created videos. Vimeo provides a discussion board for people to connect, inform, and encourage others throughout the world and acts as a major division platform pertaining to original articles creators and advertisers, large and tiny. YouTube uses Adobe Adobe flash Video technology to display numerous user-generated video content, including movie videos, TV fasteners, and music-video, as well as beginner content such as video writing a blog and short original video tutorials.


Myspace gained a lot of popularity since it offered even more different options including micro blogging and site-building and because it was used by some celebrities. Relating to Bulearca and Bulearca, “Of almost all social media platforms, Twitter stands apart, in terms of both characteristics and growth. Launched in 2006, Twitter gained almost all of its acceptance as a micro-blogging tool in 2009, when it come to 58. 5million users around the world, a 949% increase seeing that September 2008” (2012, s. 297).

Facebook or myspace

In 2006, Myspace . com became the most famous social networking site but was overtaken in 2008 by its competitor Facebook or myspace which started to be the most popular social network site around the world. Approximately 43. 2 mil users go to MySpace on a monthly basis. The company employs approximately one particular, 000 staff. A unique characteristic of Bebo is the capacity for users to customize their account information to give detailed information about themselves and what they are considering.

Source: Tailored from Edosomwan, Prakasan, Kouame, Watson Seymour 2011 until otherwise indicated

Social media networks offer small business retailers such as men’s tailor retailers with a community forum in which they will communicate all their brand worth and features in a cost effective fashion (Edosomwan et ing., 2011). Men’s tailor shops can also benefit from the addition of social media networks for their marketing attempts in a number of ways, including the subsequent:

Promoting open communication between employees and management;

Enabling employees to share project tips and work in teams properly, which helps in sharing knowledge and experiences;

Marketing better content material, such as Web cast and videos, instead of just straightforward text;

Helping communicate collaboratively between current and customers, in receiving feedback, item definition, application, or any varieties of customer service and support;

Stimulating company’s staff to become members of a well-recognized community; and

Becoming a great venue to get discussions provided companies make sure that the employees happen to be adhering to the rules and etiquettes of social websites (Edosomanwan ainsi que al., 2011, p. 80).

In fact , customers’ use of social media has become the most popular activity on the World Wide Web lately (Prosser 2014). For instance, in respect to Prosser, “More buyers use great example of such each month than use email accounts, and 40 per cent of social media users have got purchased an item after sharing, commenting, pinning, tweeting, choice or ‘favoriting’ it” (2014, p. 3). In addition , the selection of the optimal social media network relates to the nature of the enterprise, which includes social media networks supplied some advantages over others for the purposes of small business suppliers such as mens tailor shops. For instance, as of yet, Facebook provides proven successful for little hotels and restaurants whilst LinkedIn and Twitter have been completely more effective intended for sole experts

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