Using due admiration to the professional judges, to the teacher via all Older High Schools in Bekasi, and all the group here, women and gentlemen… Good Morning! First of all, allow us to thank Thor SWT because of his benefits, we all can gather here at this sunny morning. Shalawat and prayer, we will tell you to our best prophet Muhammad SAW, his family, his friends great followers. Soit. In this probability, I would like to share you my speech which includes the topic “Go Green! “



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Saving The earth is a system that was persuading the earthlings in order that they would be concern and care to their entire environment. It was since the civilization which has been created by the modern people in this millennium era acquired affected a lot of destructive effects which are really needed to be concerned. These effects are leading to a new trouble, The “Global Warming”. In prediction, that in the last a century the temps of our world has increased simply by 1′ every year.

In the meantime, the marine surface has increased for about 1 meter from its former level. The problem is, contemporary people not merely wanted to increase their prosperity, yet also increase all their rate of comfortable & luxurious life. The situation was very different whenever we looked back for the last 100 years where the air pollution, the industrial waste, and the contaminant gases were friendlier. Friendlier, because within the 19th Century the solutions improvement plus the consumerism figure was not but significant. Or should we say from this millennium time, the Earth exploitation and pursuit were causing the crucial issue for the earthlings. Just how crucial the entire world environmental complications we face are for example: The safeguarded animals & plants by certain types nearly vanished, the planting sector can be causing an additional problem to get environment & ecosystem, forest logging without reboization, as well as the impact of mines fermage that can not be recycled and maintenance of my very own sector, etc .

For us, the youth era is asking to the political figures and the govt especially in Philippines, “Why carry out those problems I mentioned remaining uncared without any preventive actions? ” In fact , our ex-Minister of Environment of “Orde Baru” age Prof. Dr . Emil Salim has aware and provided us an impression about could happen on the following 20 years. He said that the specific situation will be risky if there are no activities to prevent this kind of. We need the proactive procedure for maintain the character and to rehabilitee what we have got disrupted from every division that is associated with the environmental situations and our community. The example about the impact of human’s avarice to the nature is The Lapindo Brantas circumstance. That’s the way the nature reveals us their particular power. Will be certainly not even one human could stand resistant to the power of mother nature. Until now, there are no methods to stop the mud throwing and even the poisonous smells that is unnecessary by the persons.

We since the khalifah of the Globe can only begging, begging, and begging to the nature and destroy the nature. But when we have to give something to the nature or maintain the nature, we feel that we all don’t want to! Is the nature retaliating our stroke? When we believe deeply over this I assume the answer is “yes”, the nature is angry to us. The nature’s equilibrium was really disrupted by the mortal’s hands and this behavior has spread widely around the world because of the hedonism. The question is “How”? Exactly how realize each for the world’s existence so that in order that the Earth could become a better place to live…? We because the youngsters generations, the lines with the civilization must be as one to produce the perspective & mission to help the federal government and the people for watching over the reboization program as well as for the environment nachzahlung that is caused by the industrialist and the persons generally anywhere they are.

We as the youth generation without exemption must be totally devote our systems & wills for the sake of healthy and balanced world, comfy world, and then for the sake of better destination to live… I would recommend to the government and the persons of Indonesia to herb the cambium plants or maybe the pot crops on every one of the house garden. Everyone, every people should be responsible for almost every of vegetation. Imagine! In the event every people have 1 herb in one home, there are 2 hundred millions of crops in Philippines. This is a good step to begin with our mission to avoid the Global Increased temperatures. Start this on at any time now! To get my suggestion, the sansivieras (one of the very beautiful pan plant) is very good to kept due to the great usage of anti-pollutant & anti-free radical. Besides, it is beauty can decorate home so that we all won’t feel bad to buy this.


Well, I suppose that’s almost all I can tell. Eventually, to show our devotion because the youngish, the lines to the future, we must become balanced that with hope and taqwa because all those are the capitol to understand our wants so that we could live in best harmony just like Allah SWT has confirmed to us. Wassalamualaikum Wr Wb.


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