This report describes the assistance delivery process at Approach Salam Medical center in Mohandseen focusing on the out-patient medical center along with this evaluation of the service presently there. We frequented the hospital many times and also played the role of people there. We made bookings and were examined by simply several doctors (e. g. internal medicine doctor, ear nose and throat, chest and ophthalmology, ¦etc). We also interviewed one of the doctors (cardiology) with regards to gaining more details. We built a survey and evaluated some people to see all their evaluation in the service and just how it complies with their belief.


Based on our trips and the interview we built we were capable of gain enough information to evaluate the offered services and make our record. This report was prepared by Ban Faisal, Mariam Riad, Nancy Mustafa and Mohamed Magdi Ing Kady. Process Description at Al Salam Hospital: Approach Salam Hospital has two buildings, the first one is located around the main streets, is the medical center itself, intended for surgeries, individual hospitalization and it has the blood testing lab and x-rays.

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The 2nd building which is located on a side streets near to the key building may be the out-patient clinics.

The first step if you are examined in one of the hospital’s Out-Patient Clinics, is to select the wanted doctor, based on the specialty and available moments. The patient can acquire the needed information through the hospital’s site (http://alsalamhospital. org/reservation. asp), through the telephone or perhaps through personal inquiry with the hospital. Reservation Details: The sufferer should in that case make a reservation. The reservation can be made either through the telephone or perhaps by going directly to the clinics’ reception.

This depend upon which doctor, several doctors allow reservation throughout the telephone while others only enable reservation to be done directly at the out-patient clinic along with payment. If the sufferer is making his booking at the medical center, then he can make this on the same working day as the specified time or maybe a few days beforehand depending on the accessibility to appointments. There are several payment categories; the patients who pay out normally, those have an insurance that gives them a discount (partial or full) and there are members of assemblage who usually get a partially discount that varies according to the union.

Reservation Process The patients head to the booking area that is certainly set near the main access. There are two windows located one intended for the normal individuals and one for the insured types. The receptionist begins by asking the sufferer if this is his/her first trip to the hospital, if it is, the receptionist asks for the patient’s data and folders is created to get the patient on the hospital’s personal computer. The patient tells the receptionist which doctor and when they would like to reserve a meeting.

The receptionist then bank checks on the computer reservation system in the event that there are virtually any available meetings t the specified time and if perhaps not this individual tell the sufferer the 1st available session. If the desired appointment is available then in the matter of the normal patient, the patient pays and gets a invoice. The patient has a floor number (where the examination place is on) and is asked to head right now there and is suggested to give the receipt to the health professional who is resting at a desk within this floor. The nurse after that takes the receipt and enters the information in a journal (the day’s list of patients) she has to organize patients and after that gives the patient his number (on a primary come first dished up basis).

The girl checks the patient’s IDENTIFICATION and goes toward the organize to find the patient’s medical record. If it was his first visit, your woman gets a brand new blank medical form. The medical documents are given for the doctor later on. If the sufferer has an insurance or will get a discount the above process may be the same the difference is that during payment, the individual presents his/her insurance credit card (or union membership card) to the receptionist who then simply checks in the event that he includes a contract and with which insurance provider and the amount of low cost he will obtain.

The repayment is satisfied according to the discount rate as well as the receptionist finishes the reservation process and provides the patient three sets of papers to sign combined with normal invoice. The paperwork are for the insurance firm or union (One intended for the hospital, 1 for the corporation and a single for the patient). The receptionist maintains one of the agreed upon forms and advises the patients to the doctor while previously mentioned. If the doctor cancels his meetings for the day a healthcare facility then telephone calls the patients informing all of them of this transform and gives all of them another session.

If the patient has made his appointment in an earlier time, before his appointment he will first head to the doctor on the clinic’s floor to give her his papers and take his number. During the visit, all individuals wait in the waiting location for his or her name to get called by nurse on the desk that already gave him his number around the day’s set of patients. When the doctor comes the nurse provides him with the set of patients by their order. In addition, she gives him the medical records of all the patients. Following your patient’s identity is called this individual goes into the doctor’s business office to be evaluated and describe his/her grievance.

The doctor checks the patient’s medical record, if there is virtually any, to get a better background regarding his wellness. After the exam, the doctor are able to give the sufferer a pharmaceutical or purchases a few checks to be produced, and if necessary advises the person to timetable a follow-up consult to check up on the improvement of the treatment or to look into the results with the test. Your doctor writes anything down inside the medical record (the grievance, diagnosis and recommended treatment), the form has to the health professional to return to the archive all in all.

The number of consults may vary depending on ability with the doctor to pin stage the person’s illness and the treatments success. The doctor has a record where he keeps information about all the patients that he offers seen on that time. If assessments are required then a hospital supplies the lab as a complimentary in order to the out-patient clinic. You will find two labs one in the outpatient center building and one in the hospitals key building. The first step to get the tests done is good for the patient for taking the documents with the recommended tests to be registered inside the hospitals computer system which is found on the ground floor.

The individual will then obtain a paper which will s/he will take to the nurses resting at a window located immediately following to the laboratory, they will take those paper then tell the patient to go in to the lab to be tested. The individual will then be told when his results will be ready to be picked up. The patient may reserve for the consult not much different from the way s/he reserve for a regular examination. Go to Appendices you & two for more example about the service delivery process in the out-patient treatment centers.

Evaluation and Analysis of Al Salam Hospital’s Services: Service principle and features: Service ConceptThe hospital are able to offer everything a patient can easily need: out-patient clinics to get examinations, urgent rooms, rigorous care models, x-rays and labs,.. and so on The employees will need to feel that they are really saving lives not just having a normal job. The community should certainly treat the hospital as a vital facility that they have to help is to do what they can to help it operate. Treatments should be since efficient and professional as is possible and make the patients truly feel safe and secure so they would get their regular treatments right now there and advise it to their families and friends.

The appearance of the hospital will take into consideration the devices required, emergency bedrooms, moving significant objects since beds in corridors and elevators. The inside design caters to a medical center and allocation of bedrooms and floors takes into account the psychology of patients (i. e. departments with a large death price like intensive care units and cancers patients must be located far from newly delivered babies and incubators). The hospital is promoted based on what they are called of the doctors working right now there and how good they are in treatment.

Marketplace Segment: AL Salam Clinic is a exclusive hospital concentrating on average and above average-income families. The forex market is not usually price-sensitive when it comes to health care services. This kind of community has to have a professional delete word hospital which they trust to be able to go to for regular exams, consultations, assessments and disasters The most important segment is of the ones from the older generation because they usually get sick even more. However , it is vital that the hospital develops it jewelry of trust with the consumers throughout all their whole life.

Unique Characteristics from the Service for Al-Salam: Simultaneity: It is the reality services are manufactured and used at the same time on the hospital, the sufferer enters the space, the doctor looks at the patient (the customer) plus the patient will get this support simultaneously. Such as if a patient comes to the hospital and is diagnosed as having a very low blood pressure the doctor will hook the person to a sodium solution 4 which will raise the patient’s blood pressure.

Perishability: The service is usually perishable which means it can not be stored. If the patient does not come in the reserved period, a misplaced opportunity provides occurred in those days. An hour devoid of patients within a doctor’s shift can be considered being a lost option and the funds that the hospital was designed to make in those days will never be paid for. Faced with varying demand and time-perishable capacity to provide the service, the managers of the hospital used the next techniques: * smoothed demand by using bookings or appointments Allowed patients to wait. 2. Accepted more patients than the time capacity. Intangibility: Companies are concepts and principles, not goods. The patient activities the service that the doctor offers; he doesn’t contact it or perhaps see it. The intangible characteristics of companies presents problems for customers. When shopping for a product, the customer is able to find it, feel it, and test its functionality before purchase. But for a service, things are different.

The doctor attempted to overcome this kind of intangibility characteristic through producing the intangible tangible; looking to stop the pain which the customer feels. He would this through examination after which medication. Other ways through which the hospital overcame this kind of intangibility feature was the reliability on reputation and word-of-mouth. Al Salam hospital is extremely well-known by its great reputation and its particular customers whom are really pleased with the assistance delivery program.

This two features promotes people to guarantee that when they go to this hospital, they will be satisfied even though it’s not a product that they can genuinely see and touch. Heterogeneity: The mixture of the intangible nature of services as well as the customer as a participant inside the service delivery system brings about a variant of the service being offered from customer to customer next at the same doctor, let’s have a dentist for instance, each buyer might have a unique kind of pain and thus, has to have a unique method of treatment.

On a bigger scale each customer requires a certain doctor based on his/her illness. Al Salam medical center offers a number of doctors with different specializations. Likewise, there is a cafeteria for patients; that provides a number of food and drinks to fulfill as much sufferers as possible. There may be cooked foodstuff, biscuits, cheese, sandwiches¦etc. And since for the drinks there have been many kinds of all of them such as: juice, tea, coffee¦etc.

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