Lasting effect of analyze abroad encounters

Impact, Learning Abroad


Revealing the meaning which a study stay abroad has for the private and academics development of learners is the main subject of the article. A quick reflection about the stereotypes that are found in an encounter with the unfamiliar person, introduces us to the fragments of the interviews made to 4 students by the end or after their particular experiences in foreign countries.

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Depending on these activities, we will delve into processes that occur in the come across with the different.

Simply by situating the research stay in the university context, aspects relevant to the internationalization of educational institutions and student mobility will be described.

The encounter with the stranger

Within the structure of international cooperation among Mexican and German educational institutions, study remains have been structured for several years with all the aim of promoting intercultural education, which means: education in conversation and exchange and visibility to the cultural values with the various individual groups

A stay of study overseas confronts every student with their prejudices against strangers. The examples presented in this article include experiences of any Mexican scholar in Philippines, a German student in Mexico, and a Mexican student and a German student in China.

The kick off point for the appreciation of the other is the second of how the first is self-placed up against the other.

The starting place of the interviewed students was reflected inside their judgment about the come across with the others in the stated countries. The stereotypes with which the situations were connected played an important role, and therefore are imaginary with respect to the characteristics and behaviors, which are ascribed to a certain group of people. They are behavior types that decrease and écaille complex realities to simpler schemes. In the concrete face one can find the confirmation of the stereotype or perhaps find precisely the opposite

First impressions

German scholar in Mexico: “The appearance in South america City was obviously a real ethnic shock, you never know what you have to do, luckily there was clearly someone who helped me, took me to the taxi and told me what you should do”

German born student in China: “My first impression was of selfishness, an unexpected style, the Chinese language have no feeling of crew, social associations are devastating, there is turmoil, they throw where they desire, they are not really respectful, clashes are not settled. You cannot trust anyone, everybody does what exactly they want, there is no protection and legitimacy, injustices will be endured”.

In the 5 examples, stereotypes are shown in relation to the countries that hosted and that are described in the household of the college students (with chaotic traffic). To get Mexicans there is the image of Indonesia as a nation with a very advanced technological development, having a very strict order, and cold human relations.

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