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Loyalty and Coming old in the Kite Runner and Lord from the Flies

Coming of age is just as difficult a challenge as one will ever face. The challenges of growing up and of signing up for the tasks incumbent upon an adult are considerable. This is even more so the moment one grows up before a backdrop of violence, chaos or disorder. In such a framework, honor, sincerity and devotion are either forged or perhaps bypassed. This can be the reality in the centre of the two Khaled Hosseini’s massively effective The Kite Runner (2003) and William Golding’s groundbreaking Cold Battle parable, Lord of the Flies (1959). In both texts, young males find themselves up against matters of life and death; calmness and physical violence; friendship and hatred. And both texts, young kids are forced to make the kinds of decisions typically reserved for men. Especially, the struggles of Hosseini’s Amir and of Golding’s Ralph demonstrate the implications of loyalty mainly because it relates to the difficult technique of becoming a gentleman.

For neither character is definitely the demonstration of loyalty a straightforward task, but to be certain, one of many protagonists rises to the problem while the additional does not. In either celebration, they go through for their decisions. In Rob, the reader has a model of leadership and loyalty in all of the of it is nobility and self-doubt. When a group of males is stuck on an isle by an apparent planes crash, their ambitions for self-governance, endurance and save quickly go down into a penchant for savagery. And the responsibility of preserving some semblance of purchase falls largely upon the democratically chosen Ralph. In his unenviable task, Ralph looks constant problems to his authority and finds the reciprocation of loyalty between he and a select some of the boys is the ever-diminishing line among order and utter savagery. We find that Ralph’s capacity to retain calmness depends on this loyalty. The symbol from the conch highlights this powerful as in the scene in which Ralph states “we aren’t have everyone talking at the same time. We’ll desire “Hands up” like at school. ‘ He kept the conch before his face and glanced around the mouth. ” (Golding, g. 33)

As Ralph detects himself in a situation of power constantly below challenge, Amir’s high beginning status produces certain social dynamics that he must meet. As with Rob, he finds this especially difficult to carry out in a context where adult issues invade children’s online games. Though Kabul is a to some degree idyllic place before the Russian invasion of 1979, it remains a context wherever ethnic status and bloodlines are highly determinant of one’s prospects. In Amir’s friendship with the servant-class Hassan, the youngster unwittingly transgresses these lines of ethnic demarcation and finds his loyalty analyzed by the troubling behavior of Assef. As opposed to Ralph, who also channels his courage to be able to demonstrate loyalty to the young boys for which he provides assumed management, Amir does not work out the test of courage. Once Hassan bravely resists Assef’s demand that he start Amir’s kite, Assef surpasses and violates the devoted friend. Out of fear, Amir can simply remain in the shadows to look at in horror. Amir recalls, ” My spouse and i opened my own mouth, nearly said a thing. Almost. The remainder of living might have been found differently merely had. Although I failed to. I just watched. Paralyzed. ” (Hosseini, l. 73)

This kind of inaction could come to define Amir’s life thereafter and would define his relationship with Hassan. From this level forward, he would be too humiliated to consort together with his loyal good friend. And this embarrassing is only become more intense by the understanding of his friend’s great boldness. On his behalf, Hassan acquired acted with the courage as well as the loyalty to safeguard his good friend. In their first tense encounter, Hassan comes forth victorious above Assef. Since Hosseini observes, “someone got challenged their particular god. Humiliated him. And worst of all, that someone was a skinny Hazara. Assef looked from your rock to

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