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Biblical Worldview: How Genesis 1: 26-27 Affects My Choice of Professions


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A opinion that is foundational to the Christian faith is that people are manufactured in the image of God since explicated in Genesis you: 26-27. With all this centrality, it is reasonable to posit that this biblical worldview also affects Christians’ choices of professions in varying degrees. To gain a few fresh observations into this issue, this daily news provides an description concerning how this idea affects my relation to people in my chosen vocation of foster father or mother and group home movie director, followed by a summary of the research and important results concerning this kind of biblical worldview in the conclusion.

The unique status of mankind is clearly established at the beginning in the Aged Testament inside the Genesis 1 account. As an example, the New International Version (NIV) of Genesis 1: twenty six states that:

Then God said, “Let us produce mankind inside our image, within our likeness, in order that they may secret over the fish in the marine and the parrots in the sky, over the livestock and all the wildlife,[a] and over each of the creatures that move over the ground. “

This passageway makes it crystal clear that Goodness has chosen humankind to get endowed with a soul that gives a special romance between simply humans as well as the Almighty. In this regard, Peterson suggests that, “The Genesis 1 accounts acquires strength because it locates the roots of human (and all other) existence in a larger cosmic episode in which The almighty enters in to our time and space to make a special reference to a special kinds. “[footnoteRef: 2] This “special connection with a special species, in that case, sets humankind apart from other animals, a distinction that applies similarly to all human beings. For instance, since set forth in the NIV, Genesis 1: 28 states: [2: Anna L. Peterson, Being Man: Ethics, Environment, and The Place in the earth (Berkeley, CALIFORNIA: University of California Press, 2001), s. 29. ]

twenty seven So God created mankind in his individual image, in the image of God he created them; male and female this individual created these people.

This biblical worldview was fundamental in shaping my decision to become a foster parent and group home movie director, a profession that may be consistent with NIV’s Matthew twenty-five: 37-40 wherein it declares in part:

thirty seven “Then the righteous is going to answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you starving and supply you, or thirsty and present you something to drink?

38 When do we see you a

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