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Today was one of the best times of my life. Oh, I am so cheerful and baffled and unfortunate. What to do, I realize not. I simply got employed to a guy named Romeo. I have to tell you the most exiting news…. Im getting married!! Also, can you expire of happiness? Let me tell you what happened.


Well the day started as I woke up early on in the morning full of excitement, with the sun glowing through the room window. I simply knew that today would definitely be this kind of amazing day time not just since I was see the party nevertheless because We felt something different inside of me today, a feeling that is none happiness neither sadness, a indescribable. Thus there I had been in my blue sunlit area putting on my own shiny red dress and obtaining ready for the party. Ive always wanted to decorate this outfit as it was a present that my mother got given me personally long ago, however I by no means had to be able to wear it. It had been a lovely lilac dress covered in sequences and blossoms. After I was ready I went out from the bedroom, on the ground floor and went outside, a wonderful carriage was waiting for me, ready to take me aside. I stepped on to the buggy and regretted her decision to see my personal nurse cheerful and waving to say good bye.

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As I arrived closer to the party I could hear music and chattering from lots of people. I stepped out of the carriage to see people dancing and people with masks on. In that case just then simply something found my vision I look up and I seen a beautiful, good-looking man. This is when I fulfilled Romeo. Initially, I didnt think him so grand. Just another good-looking guest, right here to enjoy the party. But the way he looked at myself. his eye burning with such enthusiasm, he made me personally feel as if I were the only woman in the world! He took me aside and sweet-talked me. I recall every phrase that was murmured. Each of our hands handled, and a sharp tingling feeling went through my nerves.

Throughout the rest of the party I just had sight for him and I sensed his attention focused on me constantly. We kept gazing at each additional. Then just after all the dancing finished we all met once again. Thats in order to happened. As soon as came, when two hearts race, the two win. And thats exactly what happened. We all kissed, and murmured gorgeous words which will never break free my recollection, and then, our hearts jumped again, and were as one. Just while i was beginning enjoy me, my father shattered into our fantasy, saying Mother wanted to see me. Reluctantly, I actually tore far from him.

When i had spoken to my own mum We went back out to see Romeo but he wasnt generally there. I looked and sought for him even so I could not really find him. My heart wrenched, going. Afterwards My spouse and i sent nurse to find his name. He is Romeo a Montague. When I noticed that my personal heart sank even more. Observe, heres the condition. His and my families are opponents, and I find out not what direction to go. I kept shortly after and went to my own room. My spouse and i gazed away at the night time sky by my patio and reviewed my thoughts aloud, to myself. Suddenly I observed a rustle of leaves below, I recently thought it would be one of the maids. But Not any! For it was Romeo. When he climbed up to the balcony to my place I could smell his sweet aroma stick to in in back of. It was in the event the warmth of the love was melting away the abomination involving the Montagues as well as the Capulets. Quickly, I was in Romeos forearms and his in mine. That i knew of it was actually dangerous and so i asked me to leave as soon as he could. He swore his want to me and he said to get married to him. I had been so pleased I lunged into his arms. At that time nurse was calling me so I parted with him.

We couldnt get to sleep all night thinking about my wedding. Im really apprehensive that someone might find out. I do not know what to do. But what really makes this all thus confusing is that my parents need me to marry Paris, france. Oh, hes a fine gentleman and all, although I do certainly not love him, and how is there a chance i betray my heart when I love another. I love my parents. Truly, I really do. But I just cant get married to Paris. Specially when my heart cleaves unto another. My guess is that Romeo and I is going to run away together. Oh, how romantic! I actually fear that my parents might find out and i also cant imagine the horrible thought of what is going to happen if they are doing find out.

Oh yea Romeo, just how deep is usually my love intended for him. Pity hes a Montague and not a Capulet. Youll always be my simply and I will certainly still love you actually I the sky is falling down.

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