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The narrator inside the story “Volar” is a fresh girl who may be facing numerous challenges linked to growing up. Some small children may have trouble with the reality that they just do not have as much power in the world when they are youthful. They are bodily smaller than adults, and they also depend on their father and mother for such things as food and shelter. In the story, the young woman copes with such emotions by imagining herself because an adult superhero. She details climbing up to a high element of their flat, and describes how her body is also growing while she makes her method up. The subsequent quote identifies how she gets as the lady makes her way up, “Step by simply step I might fill out: my personal legs might grow lengthy, my forearms harden in steel” (Kraver). She envisions herself changing into a grown-up that has very powers. Her ascension to a high patio can also be looked at as a metaphor. People explain the desire to go above whatever concerns they are facing. The girl climbing up the stairs is a metaphor for how she is looking to rise above her own issues that she is coping with.

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The woman describes moving into a small flat, which is an indication that her family is very likely living in poverty. She explains, “In the mornings I’d personally wake up in my tiny room with the incongruous”at least inside our tiny apartment”white “princess” furniture” (Kraver). Because of this, the reader may infer that the girl’s is struggling with monetary issues. Their financial trouble is also apparent based on the fact that the lady later brings up the landlord, and explains just how her parents reacted toward him. The girl states, “Once I saw our landlord, whom I knew mother and father feared, being placed in a treasure-room dressed in an ermine coating and a large gold top. He sat on the floor checking his dollars bills” (Kraver). Her interpretation of their homeowner indicates the fact that family is likely having struggles with their budget. Her desire to play a trick within the landlord in the story can be an indication that she would like to help her parents together with the issues that they may be facing. A large number of immigrant households have a hard time locating high-paying jobs. It is possible the fact that girl’s parents have low wage careers and need to work exceedingly hard to acquire the charges paid.

The struggle that immigrants face is another topic inside the short tale. The girl details looking out more than their Spanish-speaking neighborhood. She also talks about her parents “talking softly over a cafe que contiene leche. inches (Kraver). The reader can infer that the lady comes from a Hispanic family. People who are users of community races often times have unique struggles and problems that they confront. The girl makes an emphasis on saying just how her locks turns direct and gold when the girl transforms in the superhero in her dreams. A blonde-haired girl that looks like a Barbie doll is a stereotypical icon of beauty. It is possible that a few young migrant girls struggle to find themselves beautiful when they assess themselves to American requirements of natural beauty. The girl also mentions just how she consumes time spying on young boys that this lady has a crush on, which indicates that she’s also employing her superhero image to be able to cope with her growing desire to have boys.

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