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The past step is definitely rating the elements for the constructs based on a five, 7 or perhaps 10 point rating system Smith, 1980()

Another technique is work testing whereby the proportion of time a staff member spends on a particular activity such as correcting a machine or building a new strategy is measured. Hierarchical task evaluation is another method and it involves providing a description in the performance with the employee based upon the organization’s hierarchy. This method involves explaining the communications between the employee, their supervisor and other managers in the structure Shepherd, 1985()

Problems with job analysis

The task analysis procedure involves many different methods, in depth plans, equipment and human being effort rendering it prone to challenges and problems. One significant problem that comes with task analyses is a lack of support by the supervision team. This is certainly a huge difficulty that occurs when the job analyst is unable to elicit the support with the management staff. This may happen as a result of malfunction in interaction, improper communication or staff taking the incorrect interpretation with the purpose of the task analysis. This challenge can be avoided by the supervision engaging employees in the task analysis method and taking time to advise and educate them on the need and purpose of the work analysis Carter Biersner, 1987()

A second trouble that may arise is the not enough cooperation of employees. Since the job research process consists of collecting information from employees, it becomes hard to collect genuine and genuine data from the employees with no their support. The employees should be willing to work together and interact personally in the work analysis process otherwise simply no useful info will be collected. This problem is usually avoided through informing and educating the employees and engaging these people in the process to be able to ensure that they understand that you should better their very own working circumstances and to fix their concerns.

A third difficulty that occurs with work analyses is a inability to recognize the specific purpose of the job analysis. Without a certain objective to the job examination, the whole process becomes affected since the data collected will be irrelevant and at the same time, the expert, employees and managers will not be able to know why the task sis getting conducted making it difficult so they can cooperate. Also this is avoided by simply informing, instructing and engaging personnel in the job analysis method.

Bias is also a huge problem associated with job analyses. Achieving an neutral and well balanced approach is a challenge but concurrently a necessity mainly because it is the just way in which the analysis can achieve the objectives. The position analyst should be impartial over the whole method and there are simply two ways this is avoided. Is by teaching the job analyst thoroughly inside the need of your unbiased and balanced approach and how to achieve this. The second method is to retain the services of a professional task analyst or outsource the position analysis into a professional organization Nel ou al., 2012()

Another trouble that may come up from the job analysis procedure is the use of a single data source. A single data bank prevents the job analyst via having sufficient information to get the analysis. Therefore the method will not be as thorough as it is supposed to be. This is avoided purchasing a new a detailed strategy of the work analysis process is created which allows the process to feature several sources of data.


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