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Nursing: Jean Watson’s Individual Caring Theory


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Jean Watson’s Human Nurturing Theory

Qualified science is a branch of technology that appreciates unity of life and explores people’s duty of care to themselves, others, the environment, the world, and the universe. Jean Watson’s human patient theory is among the key building blocks of patient science – it explores the practice of care in the nursing jobs profession, or rather, how nurses ought to show care for their patients. Watson suggests that the practice of caring can be central towards the nursing profession because it increases growth and creates an accepting environment, where most people are accepted pertaining to who they are (Nursing Theory, 2013). She posits that effective caring needs nurses to incorporate spiritual dimensions into their practice and their connection with patients so that they will be in a better position to know their patients’ perspectives and therefore, nurture a mutual connection.

Watson divides his practice of treatment in medical into 4 metaparadigm concepts – the human being, health, breastfeeding, and the environment (Nursing Theory, 2013). He defines an individuals as a useful person who warrants to be assisted, understood, nurtured, respected, and cared for. Just about every human being is exclusive, with different views, needs, and perspectives; and a health professional has a duty to care for, and support them based on their unique personal preferences (Griffin Landers, 2014). The 2nd concept, human being health, is described as an individual’s overall social, mental, and physical well-being (Griffin Landers, 2014). Nurses must care for all their patients, quite a bit less a way of removing illness and disease, nevertheless a way of making certain their overall wellness (the cultural, mental, and physical function) is preserved at all times (Griffin Landers, 2014). In other words, a nurse need to continue expressing care for their patient also in the absence of illness. This could involve training them on how to maintain appropriate nutritional patterns and how to help to make proper lifestyle choices to maintain good health. The 3rd component, breastfeeding, governs individual care transactions as required by moral, personal, and professional specifications guiding the nursing profession (Griffin Landers, 2014).

Watson does not establish the out metaparadigm concept; non-etheless, this individual identifies eight carative procedures that rns could take up to be able to act in response effectively to metaparadigms overall:

i) Training loving kindness with other folks and with self; and embracing eleemosynary values in the nursing practice

ii) Praising and instilling

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