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Erickson’s stages of psychological expansion as cited in Crain (2011) have got garnered very much scholarly task as they format the many levels individuals go through as they fully developed from delivery to retirement years. In Erickson’s view, you will find eight levels to development and his theory maintains a person movements through these stages as an element of negotiating between the sociocultural and biological pushes every individual need to contend with (Allen Marotz, 2003). According to Erickson, it is not necessary to learn each stage before shifting to the next one particular (Bee Boyd, 2009). Next is a great examination of someone this article writer selected. The stages of development will probably be discussed via birth to adolescent mainly because it relates to the stages of psychosocial development.

Prenatal Development

Andre is definitely the product of his parents Joseph and Lisa. These were married at the time of his getting pregnant. Joseph is usually 5’10 and approximately 180 at the time of Andre’s birth. Mack is a minimal 5’4. Joseph is a building worker and Lisa can be described as homemaker. The two parents graduated from high school graduation but neither pursued a college education. Frederick has anchored certificates to increase along his construction profession. Although Lisa is a house wife, she considers herself a sort A personality and is incredibly extroverted. Her personality traits happen to be manifested in her community and social environment. Paul considers him self a Type N personality. Even though he works together crews carrying out construction, he tends to stick to himself; cordial but will not share much of who he can with his coworkers. The same holds true for interpersonal situations. Both equally parents are in good physical shape with no well-known health or perhaps mental health concerns. Both are close to their expanded families and spend a lot of time with them. Frederick is musically inclined and plays the piano. Mack is very focused on her physical presentation and engages in a number of physical activities, which includes 4 days of exercise to keep herself fit. When asked, Lisa indicated that this lady has a family good diabetes on her maternal side and that is one of the reasons she is so focused on retaining her well being.

As Mack has always been concerned about her health, she was very careful during her pregnancy with Andre. She aimed at eating right, continued to exercise and kept all the stress out of her existence as possible. Mack was twenty six when the girl became pregnant with Andre and Frederick was 30. Lisa would not drink or perhaps smoke while pregnant and would not allow anyone to smoke about her. The girl received prenatal care through from the moment your woman found out your woman was pregnant via a house pregnancy test. When Lisa found out they were pregnant, both your woman and Joseph read almost everything they may about how to birth a normal baby and to bring child into the community.

In accordance with Ericksons’ first stage of psychological development (Erikson, 1959; 1968), the focus intended for Lisa and Joseph was Andre’s basic needs. Mack felt a very good sense of bonding during the pregnancy and wanted to continue with the accessory process right after birth so she made a decision to breastfeed. Joseph was involved from the very beginning; as much as maybe he is. He would end up being present once Lisa nursed and when she’d express dairy, he would give food to Andre through the bottle. Equally parents wanted Andre to feel he could rely on and trust them from the beginning (Gross, 1987). Andre reached the developmental milestones at the 90th % in height and weight. He rolled above, sat up, and started to babble promptly. According to Piaget’s sensorimotor stage of cognitive expansion, earmarked while the initial stage inside the development of cognition, Andre began to exhibit synchronised experiences through hearing and seeing with motor activity (Tuckman Monetti, 2010; Santrock, 2008).

Andre seemed competent of distinguishing emotions somewhat early on. He would ask ‘why is this

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