In this dissertation I am going to be talking about different aspects of Jamie Oliver’s terminology and how he adapts and uses these kinds of language features in his WYATT speech. Jamie Oliver efficiently uses a large number of language gadgets in order to help him speak with his target audience. I will be looking at Oliver’s and examining just how effective it can be and also several features of spontaneous speech, that are shown inside the speech. Firstly, I am going to take a look at Jamie Oliver’s planned and prepared language that he uses.

Oliver has obviously considered time to modify his lexis to suit his American market. Phrases such as “health treatment bills” and “dollars” a few examples of this. Using these kinds of Americanisms will ensure that his audience recognizes the full message that he is trying to place across to them. In the event that he utilized phrases just like “pounds” it would weaken the emphasis he is making he could not have full interaction with his market, as they would struggle to understand the extent of his meaning. Next, there is also a strong screen of socialect and idiolect in Jamie Oliver’s natural speech.

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This shows that even though he offers adapted several of his lexis and seriously considered what he is going to say, he frequently switches to spontaneous conversation and his socialect and idiolect come through. A good example of this is ” ain’t”. Because a very-English word, it shows that this could be part of Oliver’s spontaneous conversation.

However it might also have been prepared as it implies that even though he could be trying to adapt to suit his audience he might have employed “ain’t” to keep his personality and also help to make his talk more interesting. Pauses are a common prosodic feature in Jamie Oliver’s speech. Frequently used subconsciously, they may be slight fails in conversation that can be used in spontaneous presentation for the speaker to consider what they are likely to say subsequent, but could also be organized in order to add effect. An example of are extended pause is usually “let’s boost the comfort guys, (0.

5) you ain’t acquired that cash. ” This really is a clear example of using pauses to add impact. Its hows that Oliver is interested in the subject he could be talking about and adding as light humourous edge to his speak. All these are features that Jamie Oliver uses in his speech, whether it is spontaneous or perhaps planned. Every single one has a certain effect and adds to his speech.

Altogether I have found why these features happen to be integral towards the success of his talk and improve the message he can bringing to his market.

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