Assalamualaikum, One of the common challenges confronted by Malaysian multinational business is social diversity. Lifestyle is the discovered, shared means of doing items in a particular society. It is the way, for example by which its member eat, dress, greet and treat each other, teach their children, solve everyday problems, etc ( Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn 2003). Ethnical diversity in workplace refers to the range of differences between individuals within an organization.


That affects the way people truly feel, think and act, and often, people possibly refuse to find it, or avoid want to see it.

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People via different countries always have distinct tradition and attitudes toward business. Some company determines to expand their organization globally but unsuccessful since they neglect to realize 1 important thing. They just do not change their particular organization to adapt to the modern country. Malaysian multinational company can be successful if they evolve to a diverse corporation which engages people from diverse lifestyle.

An international business needs to be familiar with host market.

In order to have better knowledge of host marketplace, an international market needs to utilize locals. Hence, in utilizing local homeowner international corporation opens its doors to cultural range. When ethnical diversity is not properly managed, it caused difficulty, misunderstandings, and conflicts is going to arise. I actually believed that to make Malaysian multinational company successful, it is vital that they take hold of the fact which the world today has no boundaries.

Cultural range in office and in other places should be respectable. Employees’ skills, talents, suggestions, and principles must be developed and increased. An organization should be able to capture the energy and ideas of all mployees in order to meet the difficulties of the competitive marketplace. I also believed that Malaysian multinational organization can be good when it comes to handling diversity if perhaps they were able to bring persons together by different cultural backgrounds and form a collaborative group.

As future manager, the key to manage the cross-culture issues is through developing esteem for every person, in spite of his or her social background. They have to also learn to be more open minded. Instead of Judging people, they must learn to accept that every individual is unique and everybody can contribute to the success in the organization. Improvement in science and technology and the liberalization of control under the Asean Free Control Area and World Control Organization (WTO) create an economic opportunity and new challenges to Malaysian multinational business.

Malaysian at present is rising towards a technology-driven and high-tech production-based pattern of development to be able to meet the difficulties of the competitive global marketplace. Although Malaysia’s competitiveness rating has improvements. The availability of skilled human being capital in Malaysia is definitely not sufficient for technological development to progress. Malaysian school and universities do not turn into problem solver and do not create skilled, ground breaking graduates as technology firms demanded.

Out-do China and India which usually produce tens of thousands of graduates per year, while Malaysia’s talent pool is little in comparison. Corporations that do not keep up with technical changes rapidly will find their particular business out-of-date. This will consequence on lacking new products and market options. Demographic is definitely the study of human foule in terms of size, density, position, age, gender, race, occupation, and other stats. The market environment is a major curiosity to online marketers because it consists of people and individuals make up marketplace.

The world’s population is growing at an excellent00 rate. The world’s significant and different population unearths great option as well as issues. Thus, intended for Malaysian international company to certain industry, they must retain close tracks on market trends and development within their market, the two home and abroad. In example, in the event Malaysia multinational were to enter Indian marketplace, they need to be familiar with trends and dramatic changes in demographic data in identifying arketing decisions, to identify options and to predict declining require.

The continually increasing urbanization, rapid development and utilization of electronic press have helped bring changes to the life-style and usage attitudes in urban areas in India, called ‘middle-class population’ which has manufactured some necessary socio- financial changes -rapidly increasing focus on higher specialist education, relatives system coming from Joint families to nuclear families (BiJapurkar, 2007) and exposure to western lifestyle and customs. These kinds of factors made increasing requirements of ariety quality of products and services, in model, branded clothes, restaurant, cookware, travel, and so on.

In some countries, government interference affects the operation of the multinational firms. It is a obstacle that Malaysia multinational firm has to deal with in the direction of going global. Issues and misunderstanding between multinational company and host country government provides occurred in the past few years.. Government disturbance takes the proper execution of tariffs, quotas, and also other non-tariff limitations. The menace of nationalization (forcing a company to sell its local assets to the authorities or to different local ationals) or changes in local business laws and regulations can easily limit a multinational’s electrical power.

Examples could be taken from the truth of China and tiawan restriction toward multinational organization. According to New York Occasions, companies that contain operated exclusively in Chinese suppliers for years are being targeted with discriminatory policies. Agreements involving condition secrets or business secrets are available to Chinese corporations and Chinese bureaucrats had been given wide latitude to exclude corporations with international owners even if the company have been set up in Chinese suppliers and have all its procedures in the country. Tenggiling Puitis a. m. and


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