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First and foremost I actually offer my own sincerest honor to our mentor Mr.

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Marlon M. Sumait who has backed me during my thesis with his persistence and expertise. In my daily work Plus blessed using a friendly and cheerful classmate and close friends who helped me in the field of data collection and programming my own system. Special thanks to my cousin Richard S. Pasuquin (Web developer at THAT Easy application Solution for Quezon Town Philippines) pertaining to the charite in my thesis in the field of rules and some encodings made. LAUNCH Schools arranged the various pedagogical changes to accomplish the current education level in other countries. Due to growing numbers of computer users, this kind of became an effective medium to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of the students.

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From the traditional searching process to get the books in the your local library, the active usage of personal computers can be at this point addressed included in the library program. Background and Problem Statement Inside the aim of the universities to supply the necessary elements to their college students, the idea of selection management system can be introduces. This requires the utilization intended for processing, being able to access and locating the information that can effectively support the process of student’s learning, decision- making and scholastically methods.

Because of the prepared approach and systematic managing of the data, the accessibility and retrieval in the library can be easy. TABLE OF CONTENTS PHASE TITLE WEBPAGE

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